6 Steps to successfully build a website

6 Steps to successfully build a website

Do you need a website for your own business? You don’t have to be a web designer or builder to create a good website. There are many reasons why you should build a website. It may be that you have just started your own business and want to build an online reputation. That’s a smart move. Or you want to start blogging because you like to share all your favorite recipes. But how do you build a good website? With the following 6 steps you can successfully build your own website. Good luck!

Start with a plan

If you want to build your own website, you need to make a plan. Write down why you want to make a website, what the goal is, what visitors to your website should see and read and how you want your website to feel and look. Also determine when you want the website to go live. If you encounter problems during the process of creating your website, you can always go back to the basics and remind yourself why and how you are doing this.

Choose a domain name

Part of creating a website is choosing an appropriate domain name. The domain name (or internet address/url), should show what industry your business is in. Let’s take a website that sells party decorations (feestversiering). It is important that the domain name matches the products on the website, such as balloons (ballonnen) and other party supplies.

Register the domain name

If you have found a good domain name, you need to see if it is still available. Is it? Then you need to register it. A registrar can do this for you; they will also arrange a hosting package for you.

Choose a content management system (CMS)

Choosing the right CMS is important for your website. With the CMS (content management system), a smart software application for the website, you can manage and modify the website even if you don’t have much technical skills. Several easy content management systems are Magento, WordPress or Joomla.

Create a nice design and fill the website with content

Once you have chosen a CMS, you can start designing your website and filling it with content. It is important to keep SEO (search engine optimization) in mind when creating a website. You want the website to look good and be informative to potential customers, but you also want it to rank well in the search engines.

Arrange hosting for your website

The final step to going live with your website is to arrange hosting. With a hosting package, you get a spot on the server. You have to pay for hosting, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The exact price depends on the size of the hosting you need for your website. If you have a simple website, prices start at a few dollars a month. You can buy a hosting package from the same company that registered your domain name.

Good luck with creating your own website!

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