Become an Azure Administrator by Earning Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Become an Azure Administrator by Earning Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Companies all across the world may cut expenses, improve security, streamline management, and do a lot more thanks to the emergence of cloud infrastructure of Professionals such as Azure administrators are equipped to help their organizations reap the rewards associated with cloud computing. They do so by maximizing Azure’s scalability, resilience, and more. Additionally, these experts know how to use cloud solutions to support remote activities for new businesses and assist them in becoming nimbler in the current rapid digital development.

It’s understandable why there’s a huge demand for certified Azure administrators. Read the paragraphs to learn how to become an Azure administrator by earning the Microsoft Certified: Administrator Associate accreditation.

What Is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Accreditation?

An Azure administrator needs a solid comprehension of how to execute, manage, as well as monitor the Microsoft Azure environment. This is what the role-based Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate captures. As a professional within this domain, your expertise in the areas below is vital:

  • Managing Azure identities & governance
  • Executing and managing storage
  • Deploying and managing compute Azure resources
  • Configuring and managing virtual networking
  • Monitoring and backing up resources for Azure

What Do You Need to Become Certified?

First and foremost, you’re expected to possess not less than 6 months of work-based experience in the Azure administration. Also, you need to develop a firm comprehension of the core Azure services, Azure workloads, governance, and security. The other domains you need to have mastered include how to use PowerShell, templates for Azure Resource Manager, Azure Portal, and Azure CLI.

Secondly, an individual aspiring for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification ought to ace the associated evaluation. This is the AZ-104 test that costs $165 and checks if you’re well aware of the relevant subject areas. You’ll pass through a testing session of 40-60 questions which runs for 2 hours. Questions that may be included in the test are active screen, best answer, case studies, hot area, drag and drop, best answer, MCQs, and other types. Those who get to a minimum of 700 points out of 1000 available acquire the accreditation.

Why Should You Get Certified?

Cloud computing must undoubtedly be included in one’s skill set if one wants to stay competitive in the IT domain. The Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification is designed for people who want to advance their careers or find new employment as Azure administrators. This position is in high demand. Many Fortune 500 organizations as well as other leading companies hire Microsoft-certified Azure Administrators to carry out diverse tasks.

Another benefit of earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate accreditation is the high salaries attributed to Azure Administrators. The site reports that the average salary of an Azure Administrator is around $104k per year.


To land the appropriate Azure job role, you must obtain the required designation. If you want to be an Azure Administrator, it’s important to hold the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification. The accreditation verifies that you’re qualified for the position and bear the necessary abilities. Additionally, it confirms your proficiency with the execution, monitoring, and management of Azure solutions. Start preparing to earn the certification soon!

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