Best types of crypto casinos available online

Best types of crypto casinos available online

It has become very clear that major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently the major digital currencies in the world and now you can earn in cryptocurrency and even play your favorie casino games using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment instead of fiat! 

Crypto games and even the best online crypto casino have become popular in recent years, because of the popularity and attention that mainstream media is giving to cryptocurrencies, and also because you can make money with cryptocurrencies with instant deposits and withdrawals. Another advantage is that crypto games are usually less profitable for casinos/operators, which means higher odds for you!

Online crypto casinos now allow you play your favorite casino games ranging from roulette and bacarrat to blackjack and even live games, the interesting thing is that most new casinos offering crypto accounts and deposit options allow you start playing almost immediately without rigorous KYC once you fund your account, all you need to get started is to buy your desired cryptocurrency from one of the popular exchanges online: Binance, Coinbase or FTX, after that then you withdraw the money into the wallet address provided to you by the casino, and then you’re ready to go.

Since cryptocurrencies have started becoming more popular, lots of people, business and financial organziations are beginngint to offer cryptocurrency services to their clients, and on some casinos using cryptocurrencies even open you up to more opportunities and bonus offers.

There are usually, there are categories of crypto casinos:

Crypto only casinos

Crypto only casinos only accept cryptocurrencies as the means of transaction, they do not take any form of fiat currency, no VISA/Mastercard deposits or withdrawals and you can only play and wager with crypto. If it’s a licensed crypto casino, players must prove their identity before they can start playing.

Hybrid payment casinos: 

these online casinos allow you to play with cryptocurrencies as well as traditional fiat currencies such as euros, dollars, rupees or pounds. These casinos are usually licensed by reputable casino licensing authorities and the casino players must in most cases go through the full KYC (know your client) procedure before they can start using the casino services, as is required by law in the countries these casinos operate in as a measure against fraud and money laundering. This means that they must prove their identity, for example by means of an identity card, bank statement, proof of residency or any other document required by the casino.

Anonymous crypto casinos

These online casinos take full advantage of the anonymity provided by cryptocurrencies like  bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Players only need to enter a nickname and password, with no identification document or any KYC procedure and they’re ready to start playing all the casino games offered by the casino they’re playing at. You either use your cold storage wallet or CEX wallet to send the required amount of bitcoins to this account and play. They then withdraw the winnings back into their wallets. Again anonymously. However, this type is relatively rare.

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