BUSINESS THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION GUIDE is now ready for download. This Internet portal dedicated to the trade is where designers/manufacturers and agents provide plenty of details about their companies. Additional information about Fashion Cities, Showrooms, and order dates worldwide can be retrieved. ONLINE MALL for consumers: Over 280,000 top fashion items from 34 selected online shops and concept stores are united on a single platform.

Fashion enthusiasts can select from a range of original items from leading international designers discounted by up to 80 %. The MALL showcases the latest looks by everyone from A for Armani to Y for Yves Saint Laurent. SHOP FINDER for consumers: With over 8,300 retailers from 80 countries we have created the ideal platform for all those who know the names of the collections, but not where to buy them from. The Shopfinder provides on-the-spot information about what products are available from which shops – worldwide. BLOG, NEWSLETTER, CLUB FASHION SQUARE & FACEBOOK We keep you up to date about the latest EVENTS, STYLES & NEWS from the fashion industry, provide information about top fashion collection sales and organize prize draws featuring the season’s absolute must-haves.

FASHION SQUARE steht für Kompetenz und Nachhaltigkeit im hochwertigen Modebusiness. Als internationales Unternehmen schlagen wir im Bereich Premium Brands den Bogen von Designern/Herstellern/Agenten über den Einzelhandel bis zum Konsumenten. Seit 1983 bietet Fashion Square der Mode-Branche als PR-und Marketinggesellschaft vielseitige Service- und Beratungsleistungen an und vertritt ihre Interessen auf lokaler und internationaler Ebene. FASHION SQUARE SHOWROOMS Wir haben die Showroomszene in Düsseldorf entwickelt und heute steht FASHION SQUARE SHOWROOMS für die größte Konzentration führender internationaler

What is the story behind the famous Jimmy John Shark picture? This article dives into the background of the photo and what people have to say about it.


Marken in Deutschland. Im Jahr 2010 haben wir die fwD fashion week düsseldorf lanciert und damit den Ordertagen einen neuen Namen gegeben. Aktuell gibt es mehr als 400 Showrooms mit einer Fläche von 75.000 m². Hier kann der Fachhandel aus rd. 3.000 Kollektionen von 1.000 Designern/Herstellern wählen.

The Female Delusion Calculator is a viral phenomenon that has gained traction on social media. It originated as a satirical tool to challenge unrealistic beauty standards and has sparked widespread controversy. The calculator aims to shed light on the societal pressures faced by women and the impact of these expectations on their self-image. Public reaction to the Female Delusion Calculator has been mixed, with some praising its message and others criticizing it for perpetuating negative stereotypes. The controversy surrounding the calculator has sparked important conversations about body positivity and the need for more inclusive representations of beauty in the media.

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