COB LED Displays Have Become The Latest Trend in The Display Industry

LED screens are extremely common today. There are light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, in everything, from the street lights outside your home to the LED screens outside retail complexes. They also transform over time. The market no longer prioritizes traditional LEDs as their top choice among available options. With the development of better and more complex LEDs, the traditional shape is losing some charm. COB LED displays are one example of one of these cutting-edge technologies.

A display made with COB LEDs

A different approach to chip packing is known as the chip on board, or COB for short. The chips are physically integrated and packaged onto a singular printed circuit board (PCB). To construct a chip diode, a process known as packaging is used to merge three RGB LED chips into an SMD electrical package, creating the chip diode.

The LED lights and integrated circuit wire that make up a COB display are adhered to a printed circuit board to create the display that is known as a COB. Because of COB technology, it is now possible to produce LED panels that are both larger and have a smaller pitch. PTC Led is the only company that provides one-of-a-kind 4K COB LED displays with relatively small pitch sizes, such as P0.5, P0.6, P0.7, P0.8, P0.9, and P1.2 and P1.5. These displays are of the greatest possible quality.


Because of its high resolution, smooth connection, shock resistance, good heat dissipation, and broad viewing angle, the COB LED display manufactured by LP Display is the ideal LED wall for use in conference rooms, TV studios, exposition centers, theaters, and other similar venues. Because of our exceptional PCB design and premium LED components, we can guarantee that our products will function faultlessly for over 5 years.

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