Discovering Forest City, the Innovative Smart City of Country Garden Group

Discovering Forest City, the Innovative Smart City of Country Garden Group

Country Garden Group, one of China’s leading real estate developers, has expanded its reach to Malaysia with the ambitious project of Forest City. Located in the Iskandar Special Economic Zone, the development has transformed four man-made islands into an idyllic, innovative, and eco-friendly city that combines technology and nature. Let us explore the unique features of Forest City and how it has introduced a connected smart city experience for its residents.

The Vision of Forest City: Chairman’s Dream

The Chairman of Country Garden Group, Mr. Yeung Kwok Keung, envisioned creating an ideal living and working space that harmonizes technology and nature, and Forest City is a manifestation of his dream. The development of Forest City is an exceptional opportunity for investors to be part of this green and smart city that offers a high quality of life.

A Connected Smart City Experience

Forest City has taken the concept of a smart city to another level with its comprehensive and connected smart island experience. The Forest Life App is the one-stop service platform that offers residents convenient access to various community services. The app provides a cloud-based community digital library, entertainment options, and access to Malaysia’s first smart robot service community, Canbot. This innovative technology offers multilingual support and welcome guides to the residents.

The safety of the residents is the top priority of Forest City, and it has implemented the latest smart security systems that use facial and fingerprint recognition. The city uses smart doors and elevators that require facial and fingerprint recognition, and the invisible electric fencing ensures safety. The Forest Life App allows remote video intercom communication, door unlocking and alarm triggers, and real-time streaming of public areas.

A Multicultural Community

Forest City has welcomed residents from over 30 countries, making it a melting pot of cultures. The development has organized multicultural events to encourage cultural exchanges between residents. Forest City has celebrated Chinese New Year and Japanese Cultural Day, and a tie-dying workshop using Henna and Chinese handcrafted items fostered cultural understanding between residents. The community offers a personalized service that ensures the integration of residents into community life, and most of its manpower is dedicated to butler positions, aiming to cultivate an intimate relationzhip with each property owner.

New Homes in Forest City

Forest City Malaysia has completed new homes and is ready to welcome over 9,000 new residents to its innovative city. Following the completion of the Starview Bay complex in May, this development will allow an additional 6,500 residents to move into the world’s most innovative new cities.

The man-made islands in Forest City offer an ideal environment for residential living, surrounded by idyllic parks and no vehicular traffic. The city offers the perfect climate with sea views, clear blue skies, and fresh air all year round. The residents of Forest City can enjoy a swim, a stroll, or soak up the sun in the city’s parks.


Country Garden Group’s Forest City has introduced an innovative and unique concept of a smart city that harmonizes technology and nature. The development’s smart security systems, personalized services, multicultural community, and access to technology have provided an ideal living space for residents. The success of Forest City is an example of how real estate development can impact a region and transform the lives of people.

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