Fashion trends for the working man: autumn/winter 2022

Fashion trends for the working man: autumn/winter 2022

Gone are the days when men had to go to the office in a suit every day, no matter if it was bloody hot or freezing cold. Thank goodness, because nowadays you can express much more individuality in your clothes. But, now you have to spend more time in planning your outfits every day, especially with the ever-changing fashion trends. That is why in this article you will read the fashion trends for the working man in autumn/winter 2022.

The comeback of the spencer

A men’s jumper (Dutch: herentrui) has a huge range of styles these days. From classic pullovers to a more modern turtleneck, the choice has grown immensely over the past decades. So what is the trend in jumpers right now? The pullunder, also known as the spencer. This sleeveless jumper is making a gigantic comeback from the 90s. Wear it casually with a white t-shirt, pleated trousers or jeans and a pair of loafers or trainers.

Stand out with striking looks

Be honest: dressing in basic colors and plain clothes every single day is getting a bit boring. Luckily, this autumn we see more and more men dressed in glamorous fabrics and striking colors! Metallics, glitter and even feathers are really far from being just for women anymore. Major fashion brands are bringing more and more eye-catching party looks to the catwalk. If a jumper with feathers or trousers with diamonds is a bit too extravagant for you: a well-coloured shirt will do the trick. Bright colors are no longer just for spring, we are now safely extending these gorgeous palettes to the cooler months.

Elegant minimalism is still going strong

Not every man is waiting for very striking outfits. That’s not to say they can’t dress fashionably. The elegance of minimalism is far from ‘out of style’. Luckily, because many men feel just that little bit more comfortable in it. However, this does not have to be a tight suit right away. Consider a jumper with a zip-up top (Dutch: trui met rits) and neat trousers. Or a pullover with a shirt underneath. It would be nice to choose a shirt with a subtle print or color. This way, you still give your outfit a modern touch in a professional way.

One thing that is often seen is that ‘chic’ is becoming increasingly comfortable. Nice loose trousers, velvety fabrics and breathable wool are the way to go this winter. Feel free to wear a neat jumper on a cool pair of jeans or a smooth sweatshirt over your smart trousers. It’s great to experiment with different styles.

Hopefully you are up to date and know which trends you still want to add to your autumn wardrobe.

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