Fly Cat Oral Care: How They Ensure Their Devices Are Reliable

Fly Cat Oral Care is a Shenzhen-based company that provides hydrotherapy for oral and nasal irrigation. They have a wide range of oral and nasal irrigation devices. To help ensure the reliability of their products, Fly Cat has an incredibly rigorous testing process for all stages of production.

Fly Cat Oral Care: How do they ensure the quality of their devices?

They maintain the consistency and dependability of their oral and nasal irrigation devices by following stringent quality control requirements from the moment they receive the raw materials until they are packaged.

Inspection of Raw Materials: Using the finest raw materials ensures exceptional quality and optimal performance, for which our dental water flossers and nasal irrigators are renowned.

Processing Inspection and Performance Tests: Their oral irrigator and nasal irrigation machine are subjected to various tests during manufacture, resulting in consistent goods from the beginning.

Final Inspection: After production, their dental and nasal care products undergo a final inspection with their auditors, during which each component is examined according to Fly Cat’s stringent quality standards.

Fly Cat Oral Care: What is normal for an oral irrigator?

Fly Cat Oral Care devices are designed to provide a gentle and effective way of irrigating your pet’s mouth. These devices use a water stream directed at the lower teeth and gums, providing them with the necessary hydration and cleaning.

The normal function of an oral irrigator is to clean teeth and gums, as well as to help provide essential hydration. Therefore, it is important to remember that each individual’s mouth will be different, and some people may require more frequent irrigation than others. Keep an eye on your mouth for any changes, such as increased saliva production or dryness, and adjust your oral irrigation schedule accordingly.

It is also important to ensure that your Fly Cat Oral Care device is reliable. If you notice any problems with your device, such as it not working properly or becoming loose, consider it when making adjustments to your oral irrigation schedule.

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