Get your Bookings down at a discounted ifly Dubai price

Get your Bookings down at a discounted ifly Dubai price

Have you always imagined trying out skydiving or bungee jumping but could not dare to do so yet? Well, if you were not able to participate in these activities before, now you have a chance to do it for sure. At ifly Dubai, you will get the experience of flying in the air within a closed capsule that will offer you a feel of skydiving or bungee jumping.

Whether you are someone who had experienced skydiving before or you are someone new, you will experience the best feel while being at ifly Dubai. It is an indoor setup where 4 powerful electric motors deliver high wind speed for you to stay suspended in the air and then come down on the floor slowly after some time.

You do not have to worry as it is much safer than the real experience but will offer you an experience that is equivalent to the real one. The trainers available will help you in understanding the process and will also take care of your safety by offering your safety gear before the flight. Moreover, the price of the activity at ifly Dubai is much lesser than the price that you have to pay for a real skydiving experience.

Packages for First Time Flyers:

If you are a first-time flyer, you will require ample training and attention. Also, the duration is lesser for the first-timers. There are different packages available for the First Time flyers and the ifly Dubai price will depend upon the package that you select.

Standard Flight of 2 minutes – 149 AED

Ultimate Flight of 4 minutes – 280 AED

Ifly Dubai VR of 4 minutes – 350 AED

Packages for Experienced Flyers:

If you are an experienced flyer, you again can choose from a wide option of packages. The time duration of the experienced flyers is much more than the first-time flyers.

15 minutes flight without a coach – 1750 AED

30 minutes flight with a basic coach – 2000 AED

60 minutes flight with an advanced coach – 2250 AED

Get Discounted Package:

Though the package prices are fixed, you can always get them at a discounted price when buying the tickets online. If you are booking the packages in advance and have researched well, you will surely come across options from where you can get these packages at a reduced price. One of the options is of booking these packages through Thrillophilia to get the packages at a much-discounted price.

Facilities Available:

Apart from the experience of flying in the air with the help of technologies used at the ifly Dubai, you also get many other facilities to make you feel comfortable and confident. You will get a trainer or a guide who will guide you through the different processes that you need to follow to have an enjoyable flight. Also, the trainers will offer you safety gear that you need to wear during the flight in order to stay safe from any kind of accident. Also, wearing the gear will offer you a feel as if you are skydiving in real.

Things to Take Care of:

While the ifly Dubai is a fun zone, there are a few eminent things that you need to take care of to enjoy the activity in a much better way. There is an eligibility criterion in terms of age and weight. Children lesser than 3 years old are not allowed and those who are lesser than 18 years old will require permission from the guardian. Similarly, pregnant women or people who have major health concerns such as heart issues, spine issues, or others are also not allowed. Even people under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed.

Apart from the eligibility criteria, you need to make sure to wear clothes that do not become a hindrance while you are flying. Though the trainers will offer you safety gear, you should make sure to tighten your shoelaces well and make sure that there are no such loose ends that can cause trouble during the session.

At ifly Dubai, you will get a lifetime experience of flying in the air as if you are skydiving in real. Book your package today to get a discount and explore an experience that is worth cherishing throughout your life.

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