Getting Ready for Rehab: X Things You Should Bring With You

If you are planning to enroll in an inpatient rehab program, congratulations! This was probably a difficult process and not an easy decision. But, addiction is a disease, and getting specialized help is a fantastic step toward rehabilitation.

To truly benefit from rehab, it’s important to know what to expect and that involves what you are allowed to bring with you. Most rehab centers are very strict about the things you can pack and will give you a recommended packing checklist and a list of prohibited items before admission.

What You Should Pack

Here’s a list of the things most rehab centers recommend you bring. Keep in mind that the inpatient facility’s admission team will thoroughly check your bag to make sure not of the items on the prohibited list is in there.

  • A list with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the people you want to have involved in your rehab treatment (parents, spouse, sponsor, etc.)
  • Jewelry that you wear every day or that has a special significance to you, like your watch or wedding ring.
  • Small amounts of cash, between $50 and $100 that you can use for the vending machine.
  • Your current prescription medication in the original pharmacy bottle. You should also bring a list of all your medications and dosage.
  • A comfort object, such as a blanket, a photo of a loved one, a teddy.
  • A journal so you can write down your thoughts.
  • Your checkbook or credit/debit card for paying for the recommended treatment medications.
  • Your insurance card and a form of identification, such as the driver’s license or your ID.
  • Clothes, shoes, and toiletries. Make sure to bring more dressy pieces of clothing too for special events, such as family night.

What Not to Bring to Rehab

The rehab center will give you a list of prohibited items. While the list may vary from facility to facility, these items are almost always banned:

  • Drugs, alcohol, and prohibited prescriptions;
  • Weapons (guns, knives, scissors, etc.)
  • Pornography
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Video games, DVDs, gaming consoles, etc.)
  • Playing cards or games;
  • Beauty products that contain alcohol, such as mouthwash or perfume.
  • Unapproved or previously opened medication.
  • Revealing clothing or clothing with profanities.
  • Foods and beverages.

Some of these items make a lot of sense while others can be a bit surprising. For example, it may feel a bit odd that you are not allowed to bring video games or DVDs but the reason is that the facility wants you to focus on your rehabilitation and not be distracted. Don’t worry, they will provide books, games, and entertainment.

Over to You

Enrolling in rehab cape town is a big decision and is perfectly normal if you are feeling a bit anxious now. Knowing what to expect from this experience can help ease your nerves and get you ready for your journey.

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