How to be an eco-friendly student?

We are in an era where we see many things like global warming, ozone depletion, carbon emissions, and many more. These things affect us as the temperature rises, and we are now getting only a little rain due to deforestation. Whereas in some areas flood, various activities are increasing at an alarming rate and causing inconvenience to humans. So it’s the prime duty of this generation to stand and take precautions so that the upcoming generation doesn’t have to face more of these things because of our mistakes. Online classes and examinations are helpful in the conservation of papers. Now they are also using additional features such as school management software, and all data is fed directly online without any manual documentation, ultimately contributing to saving paper.

Adverse Effects on Environment Due To Human Activities

  1. Global warming can cause temperature rise, and people can’t face the sun during the daytime. And glaciers are melting, which causes an increase in sea and ocean levels, which can submerge various countries if they will be raising at that speed.
  2. Deforestation causes a shortage of forest area. Everywhere there are humans taking plots and making a home, which makes other animals homeless, and slowly, animals are becoming extinct. And many more, which humans usually cause due to coal emissions, CFCs products like ac, refrigerators, etc., making human survival very tough. So In this article, we are going to discuss some of the methods through which, being a student, you can protect nature and mother earth :
  • Used little of papers – almost 4 billion trees are used by the paper industry. Imagine the number of trees cut it down just for writing. Therefore try not to use paper; instead, use a tab, mobile, or laptop for note taking and digital method of fee payment through fees management software. Instead of buying the book, you can read it in the library or download it online.
  • Avoid using plastics- which are indestructible, and their burning causes realize of harmful gases that contribute to greenhouse gases. So avoid using one-time used plastics; instead of that, try to use reusable bags. That will save your money as well as nature.
  • Public transport – it’s oblivious in this generation that people for going nearby chose to take care instead of using the bus, metro or cycle. These cause used if petrol and diesel and the by-products if these fuels are CO2; therefore, public transport or bicycle if you prefer to go nearby. It will help you to save money as well as time.
  • Water – as you know, water is the main source of living; therefore, be mindful while using water. For example–
    1. Close the tap while brushing your teeth.
    2. Be sensitive when you are watering the plants. And be careful how much you pour into it.
    3. While washing clothes, cleaning utensils, and taking a shower, be careful about water wastage.
  • Avoid Excess Use of Electronics – don’t depend on anything like ac or cooler. Although cooler is ok ac, it is the primary reason behind the ozone depletion, and in many reports, it was found that living in ac for a long can cause migraine and other health diseases. So try not to sit for long in the ac, which will help you be healthy and save nature and your money.
  • Save energy – one of the best ways for responsible citizens to be active and save energy. You can follow simple methods, including less use of light in the daytime. Switch off all the electronic devices when not in use. Don’t plug in things for too long. It will help to conserve energy for future generations and also help to be eco-friendly.

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