Innovative AMR Solution Provider: ForwardX

From a practical point of view, although innovation is becoming a consensus among all sectors of society, a unified perception of the direction, subject, and path of innovation has yet to be formed. ForwardX is a leader in innovation in AMRs, is prominent in intelligent algorithms for AMRs and management software to accompany AMRs, and has extended its successful practice of innovation cases to more fields.

Innovative AMR intelligent technology

By fusing multi-sensor fusion technology, dynamic obstacle vision recognition technology, and Vision + LiDAR multi-sensor deployment, ForwardX has given its AMR products a high degree of intelligence.

ForwardX’s AMR products are fully equipped with single-unit intelligence capabilities to automatically sense and identify their environment, enabling precise docking with cargo and staff. The recognition technology also allows the AMR to automatically avoid obstacles on the road in all directions and operate safely in areas where cargo is densely stacked. The outstanding intelligent technology makes their AMR reliable and efficient.

Building an industry ecosystem together

ForwardX understands that AMRs can become a key part of the intelligent logistics industry without the mutual collaboration of the upstream and downstream industry chains.

ForwardX has great technical advantages and rich practical experience in vision-guided AMRs and will work with more industrial partners to explore new paths to accelerate the realization of logistics industry intelligence.

At the same time, ForwardX will continue to provide its distinguished customers with more complete solutions and more practical and reliable AMRs.

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