JOIWAY Vapes Are a Better Alternative to Tobacco

Smoking has several recognized negative health effects. Studies have connected it to several malignant tumors, including those of the mouth, throat, lungs, bladder, and esophagus. As decent vapes gained popularity, more people began to use them in place of cigarettes. Find out in this article how JOIWAY‘s pod terbagus might replace smoking.

Basics of Vaping

For many people, vapes have taken the role of traditional cigarettes, and many vapers believe switching to vaping is healthier than being a smoker.

Most electronic cigarettes consist of the host (which has a battery, often a lithium-ion polymer battery) and an electronic atomizer (which can be added with e-liquid). Although some e-liquids also include nicotine and other flavorings, 1,2-propanediol and glycerol are the main mixing ingredients. The atomizer’s heating element turns the e-liquid into a mist. Coils have a limited lifespan.

Health benefits

One of the best things about e-cigarettes is that they are far less risky to use than regular cigarettes.

In the US, everyday cigarette smoking causes more than 1,000 respiratory ailments, heart disease, strokes, and lung cancer. However, e-cigarettes don’t have these drawbacks. Studies show that using e-cigarettes is around 95% less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes also help smokers stop by lessening their cravings for tobacco. Helping someone stop smoking may raise energy levels, improve mental and emotional health, and reduce a smoker’s risk of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

E-cigarettes save money since they are more affordable than regular cigarettes.


If you’re considering switching to a high-end vape, consider trying one of JOIWAY’s products; they are available in a variety of flavors.

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