Principles For Mechanical Seals And Major Equipment

Principles For Mechanical Seals And Major Equipment

Mechanical seals’ performance, dependability, and longevity depend on their safety. Equipment condition is crucial. Mechanical seals reduce fluid leakage during operations without limiting rotating components’ motion.

How Do You Keep Mechanical Seals Good With Equipment?

Never over bend the spinning shaft.

Maximum variance is.001 inches, according to experts.

The lapping surfaces separate if the shaft exceeds this limit. It’s sealing-related.

Check for axial bearing movement.

When its bearing supports the spinning shaft, axial movement should not exceed 0.005 inches.

If the shaft travels more, it pulls the seal faces together. Over compression causes seal face wear.

In reversal, the shaft may uncompressed the sealed sides. It damages mechanical seal polishing.

The mounting surface must be perpendicular to the shaft

It maintains your mechanical seal in good shape. Run-out between the shaft and mounting surface shouldn’t exceed 0.005 inches.

Seals wear excessively when the shaft isn’t perpendicular. Broken springs, driving pins, and pads. The mechanical seal fails.

High-speed mechanical seals demand shaft movement. Seal longevity requires little shaft movement.

For optimal seal life, restrict the shaft to 0.002 inches at 1800 RPM. Over that speed, the seal faces will be damaged. Seals will die.

If you’re unsure, call a sealing professional. He has a checklist to troubleshoot.


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