QMY’s Ultra-Portable Commuter Scooter Empowers Convenient Mobility

QMY, a renowned brand known for its commitment to producing excellent products and technical innovation, has introduced a remarkable range of lightweight electric scooter for adults. These scooters have garnered numerous awards and significant business coverage, solidifying QMY’s position as an industry leader. As more urban professionals embrace micro-mobility, QMY has accelerated the trend with their lightweight Model A electric scooter. Expertly designed for easy carrying and storage between multi-modal trips, the Model A strikes the ideal balance of portability and functionality.

Triple Folding Convenience

Weighing only 27.6 lbs, the aluminum alloy Model A conveniently folds in three steps to store under desks or fit inside closets, luggage, and more. Its small folded size of 37 x 18 x 46 cm maximizes practicality.

Smooth and Versatile Performance

A high capacity lithium-ion battery provides up to 15 miles of range per charge. Its 250W brushless motor reaches speeds up to 15 mph for an enjoyable cruising experience on sidewalks, greenways, and bike lanes. Front suspension absorbs bumps.

Enhanced Safety and Control

The rear wheel-mounted electric brake allows for controlled stopping. LED indicators and reflective accents grant clear visibility even at night. An intuitive start button and digital display make operation simple.

Growing Popularity Worldwide

Since launching in 2017, QMY has doubled Model A production to meet the rapid rise in demand from eco-conscious urbanites across cities in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Its popularity shows no signs of slowing.


Through meticulous engineering for maximum usability in compact designs, QMY enables the simplicity and joy of emission-free mobility to fit conveniently into every lifestyle. The Model A empowers accessible sustainable transportation globally.

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