Select NewStar As Your Trusted Supplier of Tow Bar 2 Bike Racks for Convenient Transportation

When it refers to transporting bikes securely and conveniently, a tow bar 2 bike rack is an essential accessory. NewStar is the ideal tow bar 2 bike rack supplier.        With their innovative foldable and tilt-back design, durability and fuel economy benefits, high compatibility, and multiple hitch receiver options, NewStar provides top-quality solutions for bike enthusiasts. Discover why NewStar should be your go-to tow bar 2 bike rack supplier.

Foldable and Tilt Back Design for Easy Rear Gate Access and Space Saving

NewStar‘s tow bar 2 bike rack features a smart foldable and tilt-back design.        This unique design allows users to open the rear gates without detaching the hitch rack, providing convenient access to the vehicle’s cargo area. Additionally, the rack can be easily folded up when not in use, saving valuable space. With NewStar’s tow bar 2 bike rack, you can enjoy the flexibility of accessing your rear gates without compromising on storage convenience.

Durability and Fuel Economy Benefits for Powerful and Cost-effective Transportation

The tow bar 2 bike rack offered by NewStar is constructed with reinforced steel, ensuring durability and strength. Moreover, compared to roof racks, the hitch mount bike rack reduces wind resistance. By choosing NewStar as your tow bar 2 bike rack supplier, you can enjoy powerful and cost-effective transportation solutions.

High Compatibility and Abrasion-Resistant Coating for Versatile Usage

NewStar’s tow bar 2 bike rack is designed to be highly compatible with various bike sizes and types. The rack is equipped with safety straps, anti-rattle stabilizers, hitch tighteners, and other necessary hardware for secure and stable bike transportation.        Additionally, the abrasion-resistant toner coating prevents rust, chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing, ensuring long-lasting performance.


As a trusted supplier of tow bar 2 bike racks, NewStar offers innovative solutions that make bike transportation convenient and efficient. The foldable and tilt-back design provides easy access to rear gates and saves storage space. The durable construction and fuel economy benefits make NewStar’s tow bar 2 bike rack a powerful and cost-effective choice. With high compatibility and an abrasion-resistant coating, NewStar ensures versatility and long-lasting performance.

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