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Besides games like Tien Len, Phỏm, Then Play Sam is also a familiar card game for every Vietnamese person. According to general assessment, Sam is a punishing game with red and black colors. But if you know how to play the game, the chance of winning is quite high. The article is below New88 Detailed instructions will be given, please refer to it!
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What is ginseng?

Sam or Sam Loc online is a popular card game in our country, especially in the Northern provinces. Playing Sam has a similar gameplay to the card game Tien Len Southern, both use a deck of 52 cards and have a killer gameplay style. When playing, each player will receive 10 cards and whoever plays all the cards in their hand first will win.

Previously, Sam was only played in the traditional version, but now there is an online version at the house. Basically the rules and gameplay are the same, only playing online has a higher winning rate. And playing online can be played anytime, anywhere with just a smart device such as a phone or computer with an internet connection.

The most basic rules of Sam game

Similar to other card games, the rules of Sam are quite simple. Players will not take too much time to learn. Specifically, the game rules are stipulated as follows:

General rules of ginseng:

  • Each game has a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 people.
  • Sam uses a deck of 52 cards except Wild and Joker.
  • At the beginning of the game, each player will be randomly dealt 10 random cards.
  • In the first game, the first player is the one who owns the smallest card. From the second game onwards, the winner of the first game will have the right to go first.
  • The turns in the Sam card game will take place clockwise.
  • The game ends when a player plays all 10 cards in their hand and that person is the winner.

Deck Rules

  • The value (power) of the card will not depend on the suit but on the value of the card.
  • Order of cards: 3

Rules for ranking articles

  • Pair: Consists of 2 cards of equal value. For example: pair 2, pair 3… In which pair 3 is the smallest pair, pair 2 is the largest pair.
  • Sam: includes 3 cards of equal value, the ranking order is the same as the double rank, the largest is 222, the smallest is 333.
  • Four of a kind: includes 4 cards of the same value, card order as well as the strongest pair and the smallest 2nd and 3rd of a kind.
  • Straight: consists of 3 consecutive cards, the smallest hand will start from A23, the largest hand is QKA.
  • Odd cards (junk cards): Includes individual cards that do not fall into the above cases. In which card 3 is the smallest card, card 2 is the largest card.

Special case in playing Sam

  • Leopard Sam: At the beginning of the game, anyone can choose Leopard Sam. They will then proceed to lower their cards. If no one can stop them, they win and don’t have to go to the village. If Sam is blocked, the player will have to pay the blocker the amount he won.
  • Win white: If the player owns a combined deck of cards: Ten Card Hall (Dragon Hall), four of a kind, 10 cards of the same color, 3 cards, 5 pairs.
  • The order will be arranged: 10 cards> four of a kind 2> all 10 cards of the same color, do not need to be the same> 3 gray cards> 5 pairs.

Detailed instructions on how to play Sam Loc for free for newbies

Sam has a simple way to play and is similar to Tien Len Southern. Therefore, just learn a little and you can conquer this game easily. As follows:
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Step 1: Deal the cards

At the beginning of the game, each player will be dealt 10 cards. The remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table.

Step 2: Start the Sam round

In the first Sam card game, the player who plays first will have the smallest card. From the second game onwards, the person who finishes first will be the winner of the first game. For online play, if the winner of the previous game exits, the next game will be considered the first game.

If 1 or more people report Sam, the person who reported first will fight. If a player blocks the card, the person calling Sam must pay the blocker. And if no player can block it, that person finishes first and all remaining members must pay Sam.

Step 3: Play cards

When the previous player plays cards, it is the next player’s turn to use their cards to block the previous player’s cards with larger cards. Or play with combinations of four of a kind, pair, black, straight… the condition is to meet the rules of the game.

If it is blocked, the next turn wins, if no card is blocked then that turn is lost and cannot be played until the end of that turn.

Step 4: End the game

The Sam game ends when a player plays all 10 cards in their hand first and that person wins. In case there is only one card left in hand, the player needs to be careful to notify all players at the same time. If someone blocks from the start and they still have cards in their hand, they will have to accept the penalty.

Experience in playing Sam is easy to win from experts

According to the general assessment of professional ginseng players, ginseng is a game with extremely high red and black penalties. Therefore, to win requires players to know how to analyze, calculate and a little luck. Besides, don’t forget to pocket the following tips:

Remember the cards when playing Sam

First, after being dealt cards, you need to try to remember exactly what cards you have. Next are the cards you have played and observe the cards your opponent has played. This will give you more confidence to find the exclusions when it’s your turn to avoid being blocked. In particular, it also helps you hit 2 at the right time to avoid losing 2 and also increases the probability of blocking 2, causing the opponent to be penalized.

Should not be left to rot 2

Next, you need to note that if your deck has 2 cards, you need to consider and skillfully use them at the right time. Especially in the case of near the end, you must find a way to run 2 to avoid rotting, but don’t be in a hurry because the 2 has the greatest value and can block many other cards. You absolutely should not win 2 for the purpose of blocking to receive a penalty from your opponent when you are not a professional player. Because by doing so, the risk of being rotten 2 is very high and the penalty is quite severe.

Play cards from small to large

Finally, the strategy is applied by many Sam players and brings good results. That is, you should arrange it properly and play ginseng in order from small to large. Because doing so will not only help you run more hands, but also help increase the probability of going first and avoid losing more village bets. Not to mention, if you have almost all your cards but have small cards, it is easy for your opponent to block your cards and lose your turn. And if there are only big cards left, the chance of winning will be higher.


Hopefully the above general information on how to play ginseng will help readers understand the rules and how to play this card game. From there, you have more confidence to experience the game and win.

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