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Into the furniture store, the salesman’s introduction is a variety of high brand story, high-tech materials, feel like you have to sleep in the center of the universe, and finally you may be clouded on the brand premium to pay for. Thinking about it, we are actually most concerned about how to buy a mattress suitable for their own, how to be considered suitable? Personally, I think there are several points worthy of reference: sleep, price, quality, after-sales, brand.

Sleeping sense: a mattress for yourself and your family is the basis of sleep, there is no doubt about it, whether it is a hardboard, kang, cotton cushion, spring mattress, brown pad, latex pad, a variety of pad bar, suitable for their own is good, there is no absolute good and bad, only suitable for it.

Price: in the premise of suitable for their own sleep, according to the family budget, the current domestic mainstream mattress or spring mattress and brown mattress, latex mattress followed. Spring mattress from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of are available, taking into account most of the population, this article only about some foreign popular brands and domestic well-known brands. A variety of brown mattresses at present, the price range is relatively flat, the gap is not large, focusing on environmental durability. Latex mattress doorway quite a lot, this is only a brief introduction, about latex later will have a more in-depth sharing.

Quality: you get what you pay for, the knowledge points will be covered later.

After-sales: quality problems after the degree of response and efficiency, with each brand, each business philosophy is closely related to the business.

Brand: the reason why the brand is put last, because in addition to a few inner reverences for the brand in the industry, the other are more or less the same, nothing more than a variation of publicity.

Here is a small summary: the important thing is the first three points, so much nonsense, in fact, is cost-effective. Come on, let’s get to the point.

Spring mattress

First throw out a formula: spring mattress = spring + comfort layer + fabric, to understand the point is the stack of different materials, with a different sense of sleep.

Here to explain, the general mattress comfort layer materials do not need so many kinds, 2 to 3 kinds of very comfortable.

First of all, the spring, currently on the market are the following types of springs: brushed tissues spring, the whole network of round spring, independent pocket spring.

Brushed tissues springs

This kind of spring began to be popular in China in the mid-1980s, and is the earliest spring mattress we have contact with. This kind of spring, spring and spring interlaced with each other have a hard connection, the use of noise, this kind of mattress you on top of the snap, it is below the crunch, so that we should understand. The number of springs is very scarce, less support points, so the feeling of sleep is not comfortable, because of the low cost, currently more popular in some three or four markets, simply say that this structure spring mattress, plus the cost of ordinary fabric in a few hundred dollars. Here first report a material, some international brands are currently also useful. Specific which is confidential.

The whole network of round spring

The whole network of round spring is also called Bonnier spring, is also the highest market share of the spring, but also the old driver (after 80) from the spring mattress sleep. This spring spring between the spring with a threaded spring connection, structural stability, support flatness are very good, the cost is not high, is widely used, foreign and domestic brands of low-end products are also useful, the disadvantages are also very obvious, due to the overall series, sleep between the bed partner will have an impact, shallow sleep friends can be detoured, the price of about 2000 is normal.

Independent pocket spring

Independent pocket spring as a mattress bed core has been very common, simply put is the production of a good single spring through the conveyor guide slot, through the cylinder to advance wrapped into a non-woven bag into a string of springs, and then arranged neatly after the automatic bonding machine series into a whole spring, the following is to a medium-sized spring factory to shoot the production process, like this.

Individually pocketed springs do have more advantages compared to the whole network of round springs, such as no hard connection between the spring and the spring, no friction, silent and bed companions do not interfere with each other, the support is more in line with the human body curve, sleeping on it can feel that each part has a corresponding support, simply put, it makes you sleep more comfortable.

Independent pocket spring current market share is increasingly high, but also shows that more families have higher and higher requirements for sleep quality, independent pocket spring good or bad simply lies in the quality of steel and the grammage of the bag, linear steel market is mainly high manganese carbon steel, as long as the national standard, are able to normal use more than 10 years, the quality of small steel mills production will be unstable. It is worth mentioning that the cloth bag wrapped spring is divided into grams, the market is divided into DuPont Tyvek non-woven fabric and ordinary non-woven fabric, DuPont cloth has better toughness, aging is very slow, the manufacturer guarantees 15 years will not be pulverized, it is better moisture resistance, effective in preventing the spring does not rust, ordinary non-woven fabric after a certain number of years of use (climate, direct sunlight and other factors), will gradually pulverize slag, just like you have at home Similar to the ordinary non-woven bags, is not put for a long time to become brittle, a touch to fall slag.

DuPont Tyvek nonwoven fabric is such: the fabric is very thick, high gram weight, while it is filamentous connection.

In addition, pocket springs are derived from the sleep needs of different people, such as: zoned pocket springs (3, 5, 7), honeycomb pocket springs, mini pocket springs, wave pocket springs, suspension pocket springs, short pocket springs for high box beds, macramé springs (bubble springs), Simmons 3 strand wire springs, etc. Commonly used pocket springs and zoned pocket springs, suitable for most people. Other springs have their own characteristics.

Comfort layer

Comfort layer on top of the spring, is also to determine the mattress softness and comfort is an important factor. Comfort layer at present, the mainstream materials are: sponge, latex, 3D, memory foam, coir, coconut palm, jute, etc., in the high-end gel factor latex, gel factor memory foam, gel factor sponge, bamboo charcoal fiber cotton, more high-end comfort layer in the horsetail wool, cashmere, etc.. So many materials do not have to worry about the difficulty of choice, the general mattress on the 2-3 kinds of completely sufficient. Here mention the high-end in the gel factor this thing is Simmons, Sealy, Shu Da, Jin Keer priced at more than 10,000 yuan in the product commonly used, as for the role of the benevolent, the wisdom of the wise, said to conduct the body heat, sleep cooler some.

Sponge – commonly used filler, soft and hard optional.

The use of sponge is too wide, sofa, a variety of seat cushions. In the same material formula ratio, the same foaming process, softness and hardness mainly depends on the density, the higher the density will be hard some. But the hardness and softness of the material and the formula also has a great relationship. Find two cross-sections of the sponge, feel the density can be.

Latex – sleep feeling Q bounce with support, soft and hard moderate.

Latex is the most popular domestic comfort layer material for best mattress for side sleepers in the past two years, the origin is concentrated in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa, the current production of latex cushions are mainly divided into two processes: Dunlop Dunlop process and Talalay Traore process, we listen to the two names feel very high, in fact, two different foaming process, Dunlop process is very mature, compared to Traore, the threshold is relatively low, so The vast majority of domestic and foreign processes are Dunlop process to produce latex mats, the cost is low compared to the production of Traore, after all, to cater to the consumption level of the general public. These two processes are briefly introduced, Dunlop process is: mixing – injected into the mold – foam – vulcanization – rinse – drying, this foaming principle and steamed buns to add flour almost the same reason. Traore process is: mixing – injected into the mold – vacuum foaming (filled with carbon dioxide) – freezing – vulcanization – rinsing – drying, Traore obviously two more complex processes, the natural cost will go up. The latex mentioned here is natural latex, good latex, the content of more than 90%, the price is naturally not expensive, if anyone gives you say 100% pure latex mattress, you directly let him lie in the original latex, because the current highest content in about 95%, latex is necessary through the additives to foam molding, the following is a domestic latex products factory production plant, Dunlop process.

3D-hard with soft, good support.

Composed of double-sided mesh and intermediate connecting wire, double-sided mesh determines the incomparable breathability of traditional materials, intermediate connecting wire is 0.18mm thick polyester monofilament, which ensures the resilience of 3D mesh. Sleeping feeling belongs to a very good support of a material, but also very breathable, this kind of suitable for children’s mattress and the elderly to sleep.

Memory foam – soft, slow rebound, wrapped very good

We are very familiar with the development of so many years, the technology is also very mature, the highest domestic density can also do 150D, generally 120D is very good. Foreigners like to sleep on memory foam mattresses, I will not go into detail, here to remind, memory foam is also a kind of sponge, just the foam and formula is not the same, there are many value friends sun over the Danish imports of Tapper memory foam products, this sleep feeling really dominant.

Brown, the majority of domestic middle-aged and elderly consumer groups

Divided into a hard palm, soft palm, 3E coconut dreaming dimension, mountain palm. The first three are coconut palm raw materials production, hard palm and soft palm is added to the glue pressed together, environmental protection is not reliable, 3E coconut dream of coconut palm mixed with non-woven fabric pressed, very environmentally friendly materials, as for the mountain palm, I think many value friends young military training also slept, now feel slowly fade out of our vision.


As the name implies is the fabric, the most used fabric on the market is the Belgian Bekaert fabric, mainland factories in Wuxi. Bekaert fabric is actually knitted fabric, can be produced all over the country, fabric is concerned about the gram weight per square meter, from a few dozen grams to a few hundred grams are available, the higher the gram weight, the thicker the fabric pro-skin some. Here to show you the sign of the fabric business, each fabric can tell you a legend.

Summarize some insights, the mattress is actually a tool for everyone’s daily sleep, different people are suitable or accustomed to different kinds of different configurations of mattresses, I think we will ask which mattress is good, which brand is good, this is mainly based on your needs to determine.

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