Things You Need to Know About Smart Antennas

Smart antenna systems by Tongyu Communication can detect signals at several frequencies, including WiFi, cellular, and GPS. This article covers its implementation principle to help us recognize the most important signals.

What is a smart antenna system?

An antenna array is used in the smart antenna system (SAS), a radio frequency transmission technology, to gather and process signals. After processing, the signals gathered can be used to enhance navigation or communication. As mobile devices become more potent and portable, smart antenna systems are growing in popularity.

A smart antenna system’s ability to be employed in locations where conventional antennas are difficult to use or impossible is one of its advantages. Smart antenna systems, for instance, can be deployed in mountainous or isolated rural areas.

Different kinds of smart antenna systems

We’ll describe the many kinds of smart antenna systems so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

  1. Phased array systems. Phased arrays provide incredibly potent signals by combining lots of tiny antennas. Phased arrays are frequently employed in military applications because they are excellent at catching signals at a distance. They are, however, exceedingly expensive and challenging to set up.
  2. Microstrip systems. To produce weaker signals, microstrip devices employ numerous huge antennas. Compared to phased array systems, microstrip systems are less expensive to set up, but they are less effective in capturing signals over long distances. They are most frequently employed in small-space interior applications.


You can use a Tongyu Communication smart antenna to boost the communication signal. They take the strongest signal possible from an existing network and enhance it to make it stronger so that it can be picked up by nearby devices. Hopefully, the knowledge in this post will aid in your decision-making.

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