Three Reasons to Try Artificial Turf

Three Reasons to Try Artificial Turf

I know that when many of us consider turf or an artificial lawn, we might think of Astroturf or similarly unpleasant varieties.  Maybe you imagine a sports field, since many of them use this.  I can remember playing in my high school marching band and how uncomfortable the football field was to walk on and to sit on.

However, the stuff that we can put in our yards is nothing like that.  Due to the advances in technology, a lot of them are much higher quality and don’t have the annoying pellets that might be in a sports stadium.  If you’re not sure about trying it, keep on reading for three reasons that you should.

  1. Less Work, More Play

One of the worst parts about having a big, sprawling yard is the work needed to maintain it.  Watering is a big part of this.  Sure, you can set up sprinklers, but even that requires a fair bit of effort.  So does making sure the timing is right so that you don’t soak unsuspecting housemates in the mornings.

Of course, there is also mowing.  I can’t think of someone who says they like to do this task.  You can read more about the upkeep for an artificial lawn on this page, if you are keen.  I think you’ll find that it is far less labor intensive.

Even if you have a mower that you ride on, it is still inconvenient.  Think about the time it takes, especially for large areas.  In the sweltering sun, you won’t be enjoying yourself.  Even less so if you’ve got a traditional push model.

An artificial option gives you more flexibility and freedom in your days off.  You can go enjoy a day in the lawn instead of having to take care of it the whole time.  Talk about convenience!

2. It Can Look Totally Natural

I know that one of the main hesitations surrounding this might be the appearance of the artificial turf.  After all, we usually imagine it looking quite fake.  This isn’t exactly desirable.

However, given the advances in them, you can actually make your lawn look real even if it isn’t.  You can read further on this here, if you are skeptical:  You could have your yard look like anything from average green grass to Kentucky Bluegrass if you so desire!

On this note, it is also a great way to instantly have a lush plot of land without all the work required.  You don’t have to rely on fertilizers, the sun, or rain anymore.  Instead, it is vibrant all year round (if you want it to be).

  1. It’s Safe and Easy

I know some of us might be concerned that the artificial turf is not safe for our families.  However, this could not be further from the case.  In fact, because of the durability and stability of it, kids can have even more fun without getting hurt or muddy if they fall.

It also won’t get damaged during said play time.  It’s tough stuff, so you shouldn’t have any problems.  Even if you do, it can be fixed by yourself or your installation company if necessary.

That’s another thing.  You don’t have to rely on just yourself to install artificial turfs – you can have an installation company handle it for you and skip out on all that work.  That’s both a time-saving option and a safer one.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might want to consider it.

Of course, safe can also apply to our environment.  Think about how much water it takes to water grass and keep it looking lush and vibrant all summer long.  If you don’t know, it’s a lot.  That is gallons of fresh water that could go to a myriad of other purposes.

These synthetic grasses also lessen the need for things like harmful pesticides, since there is no worry about locusts or any other such pests.  No toxic chemicals need to be sprayed to maintain them.

Because they don’t need to grow, there is also no need to fertilize.  Many of us don’t realize how harmful over-fertilizing can be.  Unfortunately, that means that a lot of fertilizer is dumped into lawns each year when it doesn’t need to be.

Finally, it cuts down on the waste that comes from yard work.  Grass clipping from a mower is just one example of this.  Along with this, the recycled materials used in many synthetic options are prevented from clogging up landfills.

Overall, artificial turf is certainly something to consider.  If you are intrigued by any of the reasons that I provided today, I recommend researching the topic further.  You might just find the perfect solution for you and your yard if you dig deep enough!

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