Tips for Family Travel to Dubai

The heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is indeed a beautiful and astonishing city. Filled with hundreds of entertaining activities, the best luxury hotels and resorts, and some of the major tourist attractions, the city has a lot to offer its visitors.

Dubai is also renowned for being a family-oriented destination. For those planning on visiting the city with their family members, we’ve curated some of the best tips for family travel in Dubai.

  1. Choosing the right time to travel

When travelling to Dubai with your family, one of the essential tips is choosing the right travel time. The best time to travel to Dubai is during the winter months, that is, from November to March. The weather during this time is comfortable and perfect for enjoying quality time with your family, without having to deal with Dubai’s scorching heat.

Moreover, mid-November to early December is an ideal time to visit Dubai, as you can avoid crowds, enjoy Dubai’s delights and have a lovely time with your family.

However, if money and the crowd are not a problem, you can also visit from December end to mid-February as this is the time of festivities in Dubai. The New Year celebrations and the Dubai Shopping festival take place during this time, making it a tremendous once-in-a-lifetime experience for travellers coming to Dubai with their family members.

  1. Always choose a family-friendly and safe place to stay

Choosing the right and comfortable place to stay is another essential tip for travelling to Dubai with your family. A spectacular city like Dubai will have a lot of options for staying. However, to decide the right place you want to stay in with your family members, try searching for a family-friendly hotel that would go an extra mile to serve your family members. Moreover, choosing a hotel also depends on what you plan to do with your family in Dubai.

For instance, if you would love to spend some quality time with your family, relaxing on the paradise-like white sandy private beaches, you can consider staying near Jumeirah Beach or The Palm Area, which includes some luxurious seven-star and, most importantly, family-friendly hotels like the Burj Al Arab hotel or Five Palm Jumeirah that offer visitors with a private beach and several other recreational facilities.

Similarly, you can also choose to stay in some popular and luxurious hotels like the Hyatt Regency Dubai, known for their family-friendly approach, great atmosphere, and best location along the famous waterfront promenade, the Corniche. Furthermore, the hotel’s location also provides easy access to a metro in minutes, thereby cutting down the cost of transportation.

  1. Visit the major tourist attractions in Dubai for free

Dubai is no doubt a luxurious and sensational city. Nevertheless, even amongst this sparkle and shine, the city does not fail to offer some significant tourist attractions that can be accessed free of cost.

Do not forget to visit some of these amazing tourist attractions with your family members, such as the breathtaking Dubai Fountain display, the Jumeirah Beach Corniche, the Camel Museum, the Dubai Aquarium and more, which can be accessed without spending any money in this expensive city.

  1. Do not miss out on visiting the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa

Visiting Burj Khalifa has to be on your itinerary when travelling to Dubai with your family members. Being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is truly a wonder.

Located just beside the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountain display, the Burj Khalifa will provide you with the best view in the world. Make sure to take a lot of selfies and pictures with your family members from the tallest building on earth.

An extra tip – try visiting the place during afternoon hours, as the sky is clear during this time and you’ll get an excellent view from the top of the building.

  1. Make sure to indulge yourself in all the family-friendly activities

Dubai, in general, has a lot of things to offer. There are hundreds of fun and entertaining activities, including family-friendly ones. Indulge in these activities with your family members and form memories that will last a long time.

For instance, if you love adventure, do not miss out on trying the Dubai Safari, which is one of the best activities to do in Dubai with your family. Some other activities include camel rides, watersports, Ski Dubai, ice skating or go-karting in the Dubai Mall, and many more.

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