Unveiling the Advantages of EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series 200 kVA Alternators

EvoTec Power‘s TCM288 Series 200 kVA alternators is a testament to innovation, reliability, and unmatched performance. Let’s delve into the distinct advantages and key characteristics that make these alternators the top choice for marine applications.

Advantages of TCM288 Series

The TCM288 Series 200 kVA alternator stands out with its additional marine varnish, ensuring moistureproof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging capabilities. This feature guarantees optimal performance even in challenging marine environments. With 40 design patents, including 3 patents on appearance, EvoTec Power’s commitment to innovation is evident. Moreover, the extended warranty period of 24 months surpasses industry standards, providing customers with peace of mind. Notably, all materials are sourced from public list companies, ensuring the highest quality and compliance.

Characteristics of TCM288 Series

The TCM288 Series 200 kVA alternator boasts a standard SAE interface, enabling easy installation and offering strong versatility across marine applications. With a standard IP23 protection degree, these alternators are built to withstand the rigors of marine use. Offering three optional excitation modes—self-excitation, auxiliary winding, and PMG—the TCM288 Series provides flexibility tailored to specific requirements. The alternators also feature a standard winding pitch of 2/3, facilitating fast start-up, high efficiency, and robust overload capacity. Advanced automatic voltage regulator control ensures precise voltage regulation (+/-0.5%) and a small waveform distortion rate (THD<3%). The rotor’s high-speed balance and sealed bearing design reflect EvoTec Power’s dedication to engineering excellence, further reinforced by national patents.


In conclusion, EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series 200 kVA Alternators combine advanced technology, durability, and unwavering performance, making them the ideal choice for marine power generation needs.

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