Vacation rental TV shows to be a better host

There are a million and one methods to educate yourself on how to manage a vacation rental company, including books, blogs, podcasts, and television programs. With so much available material, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Before you get overwhelmed by information, take a moment to unwind and enjoy these television program suggestions that are both amusing and educational about the vacation rental business. These programs will walk you through many typical procedures associated with short-term rental property ownership, such as making the initial investment, upgrading the premises, and marketing the vacation rental utilizing vacation rental software.

Gather a notepad and your television remote and settle down to be inspired. We guarantee there will be no spoilers!

1. Scott’s Vacation House Rules

They transform “problem homes” that aren’t profitable into money-making, lovely getaways on this program. Scott McGillivray, the show’s host, is a vacation rental property specialist who instructs visitors on how to properly refurbish their short-term rentals to improve the overall tourist experience and therefore boost reservations.

Why is it beneficial for holiday rental property owners:

Some vacation rental owners face many of the same issues as the show’s cast members: an antiquated facility, a lack of promotion, or a perplexing mix of the two. By viewing, you may draw comparisons to your household, analyze the issue, and ask yourself, “How would Scott McGillivray handle this?” If your vacation rental is not receiving the intended bookings, you might investigate some of the methods discussed in the episode to determine why.

2. The Vacation Rental Show, hosted by Matt Landau

Matt Landau, a vacation rental specialist, uses a narrative to construct a picture of holiday rentals in this engaging web series. Landau traverses the globe in search of a new kind of tourism that craves personalized experiences. He interacts with hosts and visitors to get a holistic understanding of short-term rentals.

Why is it beneficial for holiday rental property owners:

Vacation rental owners are always on the lookout for ways to improve visitor experiences. Increased reservations often have ramifications beyond the resort and throughout the tourists’ trip. By viewing this vacation rental program, you may see how individuals travel and the kind of accommodations they want.

3. Vacation Rental Potential

Holly Baker, the host, searches for holiday properties with prospective homeowners. She aids in the comprehension of the whole investment by evaluating the pricing, location, and design. She then demonstrates how to maximize the “rental potential” of prospective vacation rental property owners on sites like Vrbo or Airbnb.

Why is it beneficial for holiday rental property owners:

This is a step-by-step guide to investing in a holiday rental property! You’ll get an overview of what makes a vacation rental investment worthwhile, and then discover all the inner tips and methods for marketing your vacation rental on sites like Airbnb or Vrbo. This is an excellent show for vacation rental owners who are just getting started or for those who are in the process of purchasing a house.

4. Instant Hotel

This competitive vacation rental television program in Australia takes all the pleasure out of hospitality and transforms it into a vibrant contest. Each player takes on the role of a homeowner who has converted their area into a temporary motel. Five couples compete for a $1,000 reward. Each group must impress their guests/competitors in four categories: the home, the location, the quality of their sleep, and the value for money.

What sets this program apart is that they score both the guest and host experiences. The show’s hosts get to assess visitors on their cleanliness, punctuality for check-in and check-out, and adherence to house regulations.

Why is it beneficial for holiday rental property owners:

This program demonstrates that operating a short-term rental property company is not as straightforward as it seems. It depicts both the host and visitor perspectives, which you may use in your own home.

Not only that, the four categories used to assess client experience are beneficial for ensuring that your guests get the same level of care. Additionally, you may learn from the show’s failures in entertaining undesirable visitors rather than having to go through it yourself.

5. The Property Brothers

Jonathan and Drew Scott are real estate gurus that assist homeowners in need. This program follows several families as they attempt to sell their current house and purchase a new one while making a profit. The brothers renovate dilapidated residences to make them marketable.

Why is it beneficial for holiday rental property owners:

The purpose of having a vacation house is to generate revenue. Here you’ll find suggestions for increasing the value of your vacation rental and attracting visitors. This presentation is very valuable since it compares the expenses of refurbishment to the new value. If you’re considering renovating your holiday rental, this program is an excellent resource for gathering ideas and

6. Income Property

Income Property, like the last one, is all about raising the value of a rental. Scott McGillivray makes another appearance, this time towards the beginning of the rental property investing process. The guests on Income Property have just acquired rental property and need do-it-yourself assistance. Each house featured receives a complete refurbishment, enfolding the property’s value.

Why is it beneficial for holiday rental property owners:

Although this event is geared toward long-term rental homes, there is still enough relevant information for holiday rental owners. Make a mental note of ideas for curb appeal, open concepts, and other wonderful inspiration shown throughout the event to help you make the most of your short-term rental.


Doing the end of the day, your vacation rental is a company, and you should conduct yourself properly. However, why not have some fun while you’re at it? Vacation rental television programs provide an excellent opportunity to unwind with some popcorn and get ideas for your short-term rental. Discover how to make your vacation rental as binge-worthy as some of our recommendations!

After implementing your new entertainment-themed recommendations, you’ll be prepared to elevate your vacation rental to the next level. Without an equally awe-inspiring website, luxurious rental property is nothing. Learn more about vacation rental software and how it may help you transform your side business into a money-making engine!

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