Vastu Shastra: All You Must Know About It

What is Vastu Sastra/ shastra? 

Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit word that generally means the Science of Architecture. According to astrologer in India, it is really necessary to build a house, following the science of architecture. The origin of the Vastu Shastra can be seen in Atharva Veda.

People believe that following Vastu Sastra while constructing, buying, or taking a house for rent will bring good luck and happiness to a family. It brings balance to the life of the people who live there and maintain positive energy in the house.

And it is said that if some don’t follow the Principles of Vastu Shastra, it might affect the lives of the people staying there negatively, resulting in illness, loss of wealth, and fights between friends and families.

Where to consult Vastu?

You speak to a Vastu Consultant online or offline to know whether your house has a proper Vastu. You can even ask your Family astrologer if there is one; you can search on the internet as well; even they are not always accurate but can be a great help.

Don’t trust any random people to know and understand the Vastu of your house; they might use it as an opportunity to feed you with wrong suggestions to destroy your peace and spread negative energy.

The history behind Vastu Shastra

According to the Indian scriptures, once there was a demon known as Andhakasura. Due to his evil deeds Lord Shiva, who is regarded as the greatest of all Gods, was asked to help and exterminate the demon. During the event, drops of sweat from the forehead of Lord Shiva fell on earth. As these drops touched the earth’s surface, a thirsty creature was formed. Right after his formation, his thirst leads him to drink all the blood of Andhakasura. But still, he could not satisfy his thirst. He then started meditating and chanting the name of Lord Shiva and finally achieved success after years of meditation; Lord Shiva got pleased by him and asked him to ask for a wish. The creature asked Lord Shiva to grant him to swallow all three regions of the universe. All the scared gods come up with a plan and turn him into a statue. The creature was facing downwards. It is believed that the Gods permanently started living inside him, on the organs where the Gods were touching him. Because God resided in him, he got the name Vaastu Purusha.

Some General Tips on Vastu Shastra

Here are some basic tips on Home Vastu that you should keep in your mind and consider maintaining to have positivity filled in your lives.

The Vastu of Entrance

According to Vastu shastra, the entranceway of your home is not only a way for humans to enter; it is also the way for different energies to enter the house.

The main door should face north, east, or northeast direction. It must be constructed to ensure that you face these directions while stepping out.

The main door should be constructed with the best quality wood. It should feel superior to the other doors in your house and look appealing.

Decorative items with a water body,  shoe rack, or dustbin should not be kept outside the front of the main door. Decorate the door with beautiful nameplates and good luck garland, and make sure that it opens in a clockwise manner.

Vastu of the Bedroom

It is believed that a bedroom in the southwest direction brings good health and prosperity. A bedroom in the northeast or southeast direction of the house should be avoided as it may cause health issues. Try not to place a mirror in front of the bed, and Your reflection must not be seen in the mirror while sleeping on the bed because it is believed that it causes fights and other domestic disruptions.

Keep the paint of your bedroom as natural as possible to radiate and circulate positivity in the room easily.

Broken Objects

Any broken object like a mirror, watch, Your favourite vase, etc., should not be kept inside the house if that is broken, because it is believed that this type of broken object brings sadness and breaks fights in the house.

Negative artwork.

Negative artwork attached with sad and melancholy emotions should be kept far away from the house; it is believed to bring bad luck and is a source attracting negative energy.

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