What are the differences between Dab Rigs and Bongs?

Dab Rigs Vs Bongs

Bongs and Dab rigs may appear identical to the untrained eye; however, they differ slightly in terms of consumption method and accessories. The fundamental aim of a bong is to smoke flowers, whereas dab/oil rigs are made for concentrates.

This isn’t to say that bongs and dab rigs can’t be used to dab or smoke flowers; it only refers to their intended use.

Between a Dab Rig and a bong, there are a few distinctions. The first is the device’s size; Dab rigs are often much smaller, making them ideal for on-the-go water filtering. The second one is the size and strength of the hit.

What are you Smoking?

Bongs are designed for smoking dried flower that is loaded into the bowl, heated with a lighter, and then smoked. The THC concentrate used in dab rigs is sometimes referred to as “wax,” “honey,” or “oil,” and is inhaled with a nail.

The biggest distinction between dab rigs and bongs is what you’ll be smoking. Tobacco, dried herbs, or flowers should be utilized in bongs. Legal concentrations such as wax, oil, and honey are used in dab and oil rigs. Overall, they’re both water pipes that filter your smoke or vapor by percolation.

Consumption Method

The combustion method of igniting the herb with a butane lighter or matches and breathing the smoke via the mouthpiece is employed in bongs for smoking flowers. A dab rig is a device that uses a torch and a nail to consume vapor from a concentrate.

Is it better to have a bowl piece or a dab nail?

Are you a dabber for the first time? Then take special attention to what follows! As you may be aware, all water pipes (including dab rigs and bongs) contain a male or female joint that accepts any glass accessory. Bongs include a bowl element that fits into the joint and allows you to use a regular lighter to smoke dry herbs or flowers.

To vaporize oils or waxes, though, you’ll need to attach a dab nail to the water pipe’s joint. Then, using a dab torch, heat the dab nail. To vaporize your concentrates, place them in the hot nail. A bong is created by adding a bowl element to a water pipe. A dab rig is created by attaching a dab nail to a water pipe. Also, remember to clean your dab nail regularly.

It’s All About the Size

Except in a few cases, bongs are typically larger than a dab/oil rig. The reason for this is that because the flower is burned rather than evaporated, the bong may be larger, and the smoke will last the entire length of the bong. To stay strong and tasty, the vapor from a dab rig must travel a shorter distance.


A dab rig is usually more expensive than a bong. This is because, in addition to a rig, you’ll need a nail and other dabbing supplies like a torch, dabber, silicone container, and so on. Which, depending on what you buy, can be quite costly.

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