What Is The Difference Between Led Neon Strips And Led Flexible Strips?

Do you know the difference between led neon strips and led flexible strips? If you don’t know, let the professionals at Ledia Lighting tell you:

Flexible neon led strip is a popular led breakthrough product in recent years. It appeared to compensate for the lack of glass neon tubes and optical fibers, thereby completely replacing them.

Compared with glass neon tubes, led flexible light strips have the following advantages:

Safe bottom voltage and low power consumption. Because the light source is led, it can normally work under 24V. The power consumption is 4.7W/M (red, yellow, orange) and 6.6W/M (green, blue, white).

High brightness, the light source is made of imported high-brightness leds in series. The encrypted arrangement of 80led or 90led per meter is the fundamental guarantee for the overall luminous effect and high brightness.

Longevity and durability:

Based on led technology, with a new structure, this lamp can achieve a super long service life of 60,000 hours under any circumstances. Compared with glass neon strips, its durability is beyond doubt because there is no need to consider glass neon lights. Broken problem (PVC plastic lamp body)

Energy saving:

The flexible full-body light strip can save more than 80% of energy and electricity usage costs.

The power consumption of glass neon lights is 5-8 times that of flexible neon lights.


Flexible whole body led light strip, it can be bent to a diameter of 8cm and can be cut with any scissors, so it needs to be bent into various characters and graphics.

Moving and installation:

Because it is similar to the ordinary rainbow tube, it is as safe and convenient to transport as the led rainbow tube. It is equipped with a special card slot. When installing, you only need to nail the card slot and clip it on. The wire installation is as convenient and reliable.


The normal operation of the glass neon light requires a high voltage of 15,000V, while the flexible full-body light strip can also operate normally at a low voltage of 24V; plus, its shock resistance and low heat dissipation, its use is extremely safe.


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