What is the Ketogenic Diet exactly everyday?

What is the Ketogenic Diet exactly everyday?

Despite the many different kinds of diets that you have no doubt heard about in your life, there is bound to be a few that are new to you. One of these in particular might be the Ketogenic Diet, also known as the Keto Diet, which is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate regimen.

The theory behind the high-fat, lowcarbohydrate ratio is that the body will rely on fat for energy instead of on carbohydrates, and therefore the body will become more lean as a result of having less fat stored in the body. Ideally, the Keto Diet will allow the body to go into ketosis, or a metabolic state where ketones – which are fats – are burned for energy instead of glucose – the carbohydrates.

Those that follow the Keto Diet also consume just the right amount of protein that the body needs on a daily basis. Contrary to some of the other diets that are in existence, the Keto Diet does not focus on counting calories. The focus is instead centered on the fat, carbohydrate, and protein make-up of the food as well as on the weight of the portions.

But what led to the creation of the Keto Diet? Back in 1924, a Mayo Clinic doctor by the name of Russell Wilder developed the Ketogenic Diet in hopes of finding a treatment for epilepsy.

Many people who suffer from epilepsy and other illnesses have reported a noticeable decrease in their symptoms after going on this diet. This practice dates back to Ancient Greece when doctors would change their patients’ diets and even have them fast to force their body into starvation mode.

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The Ketogenic Diet is a much easier means of getting the body to go into the fasting mode without actually depriving the body of food. To this day, however, no one knows exactly why the Ketogenic Diet is so effective in helping those that suffer from epilepsy, autism, and other known illnesses.

A typical meal for someone on the Ketogenic Diet would feature the high-fat, low-carbohydrate ratio, and might include a healthy serving of a protein such as chicken, some fruit or a protein-rich vegetable, and a high-fat component, which might be butter.

Final Words

The high-fat component on this diet usually comes from the ingredients which go into making the food; this could include heavy cream, butter, or buttermilk, and also might feature creamy dressings such as Ranch.

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