What’s the Details About Guy Grips?

Guy grip dead ends, provide today’s most effective method for securing guy strand. This unique, one-piece dead-end is neat in appearance and free from bolts or high-stress holding devices. The guy grip dead end is a feature that provides more durability, easier tensioning and adaptability to multiple guying.

What is a Guy Grip?

A guy grip is also known as the guy grip dead end or a preformed guy grip. The recognized and reliable performed guy grip dead end for the connection is also responsible to grip the conductor, ground the wire, and application for optical fiber.

These thimbles are usually found on the power and telecommunication poles.

The ergonomic design of the dead-end grips allows them to be connected to the aerial, among other types of guy structures.

What is the Key Specification of Dead-end Grips?

Here are the key specifications of guy wire dead-end grips:

-Dead-end grip dimensions: The dimensions of guy grips are defined by diameter and length. The choice of length and diameter that you choose will depend on where you want to use the accessory.

Also, the dimension can be uniform or vary throughout the grip dead-end depending on the design.

-Guy grip dead-end material: Guy grips are made of different material types. The most common materials include aluminum and galvanized steel and aluminum-clad steel wire.


Not sure of the above grip guy specifications? Seek help from experts. Henvcon will give you every information that entails choosing the best guy wire grip.

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