Why Glass Hand Pipes are great for Beginners

Why Glass Hand Pipes are great for Beginners

Hand pipes are undoubtedly the most user-friendly smoking devices, making them the ideal options for beginners. They are easy to use, discreet, very portable, and easy to clean. While it is generally daunting when it comes to choosing your first pipe, picking glass hand pipes is easier.

Glass pipes are inexpensive, convenient, and also offer a seamless way to consume marijuana with a weed pipe. It is not surprising; therefore, many opine that glass hand pipes are great for beginners.

If you are new to smoking gig and you are wondering if you should choose a glass hand pipe or go all out to buy a bong, this post gives you a good idea of why a glass pipe is a right choice for you as a beginner.

Why Choose Glass Hand Pipes as a New Stoner

When it comes to delivering the ultimate smoking experience, glass remains one of the top materials to opt for. For a start, it combines the highest quality of material with an improved taste and smell of your herb. That is because most glass pipes are made with borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass is used to manufacture durable glass products, including scientific beakers and cooking ware. They are more resistant to wear and tear when compared to traditional glass. Glass hand pipes are quite popular and you will find tons of designs in the market.

As mentioned, glass pipes come in different designs, sizes, and shapes. Some deliver huge hits, while some others come with features that may become overwhelming for new users. However, you will find many simplified options in the market that will make your smoking experience seamless and fun.

Top Reasons to Choose Glass Hand Pipes as Beginners

So, why are glass hand pipes great for beginners? Well, it is all about the amazing benefits that they deliver. Compared to other smoking devices, glass hand pipes have some special benefits that make them ideal for new smokers. Let’s check these out!

  • Delivers a safer way to smoke

Glass hand pipes come with exceptional heat transfer abilities. When smoking from a glass pipe, you don’t have to worry about the heat. You can easily hold your pipe without feeling the hotness. The reason for this is simple; the heat does not transmit through the whole device.

Another safety feature of a borosilicate hand pipe is its unique design that prevents bacteria and germs from sticking to it. Glass pipes made with borosilicate do not have hideouts for germs to hide at any time.

You can also easily sterilize the surface of the device by running a lighter across the mouthpiece. You don’t have to worry about getting burnt when you place it on your lips afterward.

Highly Durable

It is natural to be clumsy when you’re just starting to get used to your smoking devices. Therefore, you need a durable device that can withstand extreme conditions without breaking. Glass hand pipes are made to last a long time.

They have been made to go through a molding and heating process that makes them sturdy and tough. When you accidentally drop your glass pipe, you don’t have to worry that it will break. Even when you expose it to extreme temperature, it won’t break or crack.

  • Delivers Clean and Powerful Hit

You don’t have to do so much to get powerful hits from your glass hand pipes because that’s what they are built to deliver. Hand pipes let you inhale an ample amount of smoke at a go, delivering a powerful and smooth hit to your lungs.

•	Delivers a safer way to smoke

You also don’t have to worry about foggy high when using glass pipes because they deliver the smoke directly to your lungs and you can get the full effects in a matter of seconds.

  • A Wide Range of Stylish Collection

One other reason glass hand pipes are great for new smokers is that they come in various stylish designs, styles, shapes, and sizes. They come in custom-made, handcrafted styles to suit any personality. As a new user, you can be sure to find the perfect piece that you will be proud of owning. You can explore the wide variety of options that are available at the online store.

Types of Glass Hand Pipes

As mentioned, there are different types and designs of glass hand pipes in the market. The best way to make the right choice is to first get familiar with the different types out there. Knowing the available options will help you determine which one is best for you. Here are some options of glass hand pipes that can be found in the head shops:

  • Chillums

These are glass cylinders and relatively similar to glass spoon pipes. You put your herbs on one end of the pipe and light it at the other end. Chillums are portable and discreet. The smaller version is also referred to as one-hitter, while the bigger ones are referred to as steamrollers. Chillum is mostly made of borosilicate glass, which means they are durable and pretty robust.

  • Spoon Pipes

These are a good choice for beginners. It is popularly called a bowl or spoon, thanks to the big opening for packing the herb. The bowl flows into a long end and you inhale from there. Spoon pipes are also small and easy to carry around.

  • Bubblers

A bubbler combines the features of a water pipe and spoon pipe. They are small like spoon pipes. They also have a small water chamber like water pipes to filter the smoke. Bubblers are smaller and easier to use. They are also portable and less delicate. A bubbler is a strong consideration if you need an on-the-go smoking device.


Glass hand pipes are a great choice for beginner smokers. They are convenient and easy to use. Thanks to their durability, you don’t have to worry about damaging them after the first few use. Even when you drop it mistakenly, you can pick up your device and continue using it because it is highly durable. Glass hand pipes are sturdy, safe, and discreet.

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