Why You Need A4 Paper

Why You Need A4 Paper

A4 paper is the most common size for paper. It is 297 millimeters long and 210 millimeters wide. Despite its name, these measurements are not as simple as they may seem. In reality, they are more like guidelines than simple measurements, but they give you a better idea of the size of your sheet. Listed below are some reasons why you need a4 paper for your needs.

If you’re a business person who frequently prints documents or writes letters overseas, then you’ve probably wondered why you need to use A4 paper. It is half the size of an A3 sheet of paper and one-sixth of an A0 sheet. A0 is the standard size for paper, and all other A-series paper sizes depend on it. Using A4 paper is more convenient than dealing with multiple metric units.

You probably know what a4 paper is, but you might not know why you’ll use it. The size of the paper is smaller in North America than in Europe, and the “letter” size is generally longer and fatter. If you’re using an A4 printer in the US, you may want to consider purchasing a different type of paper.


A4 paper is ideal for any craft project, whether you’re into origami or like to make festive decorations. From calendars to festive decorations, A4 paper is ideal for all kinds of paper crafts. Visit Alibaba online store for your next exciting project. You can also use this versatile paper to print labels or posters.

Easy to find

If you’re looking for new paper size, you may want to start with A4 paper. This versatile size is relatively easy to find. Unlike other sizes, it is much easier to handle than A3 or B4. Luckily, it is also available at most office supply stores and online. Changing the paper size is easy, but be sure to follow the directions provided by your printer manufacturer. Alternatively, you can use software like Adobe InDesign to resize A4 documents to letter size.


The weight of a4 paper is typically between 80 and 150 grams per square meter. In comparison, a meter square piece of A0 is about 4.5 grams. While the heftier A0 is suitable for making business cards, the weight of A4 paper is not nearly as heavy as that of a square meter. This makes A4 paper more flexible and convenient than square-meter-sized paper.


A4 paper is the most common size used for printing documents. It measures 21cm by 29cm and contains about one-sixth of a meter of paper area. Compared to letter-sized paper, A4 paper is longer and wider. However, metric paper sizes are also easier to measure and more universal. Therefore, most printing companies use the metric system rather than the A-system.

Benefits of a4 paper

A4 paper benefits include:

  • They are easier to read on smaller devices
  • They are less likely to tear
  • They print faster than other paper sizes

Why should you use a4 paper?

  • A4 paper is the standard sheet size for most printing jobs.
  • A4 paper is also great for illustrations and photos because it’s wide enough to show off your work while remaining portable.
  • Finally, you can use a4 paper in professional settings because of its high-quality print results.

Final Words

The common paper size in the world is called A4 paper. This format you can use in home printers is compatible with most inkjet and laser printers. Alibaba A4 paper comes in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes and is an excellent choice for most applications. Here we have given you some tips for choosing the right paper size for your printer.

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