10 Essential Tips That Will Help You to Make Your Move Hassle-Free

Relocation is a pain, packing is a headache, and loading and unloading your whole house is not a piece of cake. The only thing that could make relocating more stressful would be if we had even less time to do it.

It would be ideal if you had more than a month to prepare for a seamless relocation or turn to professional movers Cambridge MA, but unfortunately, that’s not how life usually works. So what to do to make your move quick and efficient?

  1. Hire a Moving Truck or a Moving Company Right Now.

It’s easy to feel defeated by the sheer volume of things that must be done when you’re under pressure to uproot your life at the last minute. The uncertainty of knowing when to begin packing and moving is common, but it can also be paralyzing, preventing you from getting the packing and organizing done.

  1. Remember to Keep an Eye on Your Valuables.

It’s easy to lose track of or misplace important belongings during a move, even if you’re not in a rush. Keep valuables like jewelry, cash, computers, wallets, and tablets at a spot where you can keep a close eye on them to alleviate worries about losing them.

It’s tempting to put the blame for lost belongings on movers, real estate agents, cleaning crew, or even friends who helped you pack and load.

  1. Donate or Get Rid of Old Stuff.

It’s crucial to start going through your belongings and packing as soon as you have a strategy for your move in mind.

Starting as soon as possible, you should get rid of things you no longer use or want. If you’re just getting started with organization, it’s a good idea to have a donation bag and a trash bag ready while you go through your belongings. Do this when you’re preparing your space for packing, rather than while you’re packing up your belongings. Also, be aware of the things that movers cannot transport due to safety concerns and make other arrangements for them.

  1. Get Your Things Together.

Don’t waste time running around your area looking for various boxes and other packing supplies; instead, get everything you’ll need in one place.

You won’t necessarily have to go all over your city or town looking for packing supplies because places like Home Depot have the basics.

Make a list before you go so you don’t forget anything and always bring more supplies than you anticipate using. Get the basics first, such tape, paper, boxes, furniture pads, dish coverings, etc.

Keep your clothes on hangers and pack them in a garbage bag with the help of the bag’s tie threads. Without the effort of packing and unpacking, you can simply transfer your clothing from their hangers to the moving truck, and then into your new closet. Also, use a big box to store miscellaneous, non-breakable stuff like your coin collection or that wreath you crafted out of wine corks.

  1. Try Not to Stress Too Much on Neatness.

It would be ideal if you had time to carefully pack everything into distinct, clearly labeled boxes. But if you have to relocate quickly, you won’t have time to worry about organization.

It’s fine to cram your hair dryer and charger cables for electrical devices in among your sheets and kitchenware. However, make sure that fragile goods are safely wrapped in packing paper. Boxes that are disorganized are OK, however, boxes with damaged objects are not.

A useful packing hack is to place such essentials as socks and underwear in Ziploc bags. It will take more time than you think to sort through all of your miscellaneous trinkets.

  1. Get Up Early on Your Moving Day.

In spite of how apparent it may sound, waking up early may completely alter the trajectory of your day. If you get up even an hour earlier than usual, you can accomplish everything on your to-do list for the day and even catch up on items you forgot about or put off the night before. If you can force yourself to rise from bed even an hour early, you may find that your worries subside.

  1. Seek Moving Aid.

Short- or long-distance relocation is a massive undertaking, especially if you are under a tight deadline. It’s quite natural to enlist the help of your loved ones in times of need.

Having a helping hand from others can help you remain on task, set priorities, and complete everything more quickly.

Packing up your kitchen cupboards or making a donation run might seem like small activities, but they can add up quickly if you’re doing everything by yourself. When there are more people to help out, work may be completed more quickly.

  1. Use a Professional Cleaning Service.

We recommend hiring a cleaning service because you will not have time to complete an entire cleaning on your own if you are moving quickly.

While this may entail having someone else clean while you’re frantically trying to pack, it will be worthy so that you can give your whole attention to the task at hand.

  1. Involve Kids.

Kids may be a real pain in the neck when attempting to pack up and move since they become bored or distracted so fast. If your children are old enough, you might want to let them pack up some of their own belongings, like books and stuffed animals.

A competition to see who can pack the most into their suitcase in an hour or a prize for the one who can do it the fastest are both fun ways to make packing more of an event.

  1. Document Everything Before You Pack

It’s unlikely that you’ll have time to do a comprehensive inventory of your belongings if you’re relocating quickly. A simple way to keep track of your belongings is to photograph them.

When hiring movers, it’s a good idea to have a list of everything you’re moving, along with details on how many things there are and what condition they’re in.

With just one glance at the snapshot, you’ll be able to restore the original appearance and feel of your house, even down to the furniture and the arrangement of your belongings.

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