Why Choose Nylon Camlocks from Union Metal?

Why Choose Nylon Camlocks from Union Metal?

The joint metal provides a variety of cams compatible with various applications. In this blog post, they discussed why they recommend more nylon cams in other materials. In this article, we have high-quality nylon camlocks on the market.

What is a nylon camlock?

A nylon camlock is a safe locking mechanism, which is usually used in industrial applications, such as warehouses and manufacturing plants. The nylon thread can resist wear and can withstand a large amount of torque, which is very suitable for high safety applications. Compared with other security lock mechanisms, because of their low price, they make their economic choices and are also very popular. These are extremely light coupling, which can provide an excellent combination of rigidity and toughness.

What are the benefits of using nylon clocks?

The combined metal provides an alternative to the nylon cam linking of the metal cam. The benefits of using Nyllock Camlock include: they are cheap, easier to maintain, and have greater resistance. In addition, nylon cam locks are easier to install and uninstall than metal cams.

A nylon camlock is interchangeable with other metal or plastic couplings.  Nylon cam lock fittings are very lightweight yet sturdy. Nylon camlock fittings have good abrasion and chemical resistance. Therefore, they can come in direct contact with water, coolants, gasoline, and varnishes.


Union Metal is a leading supplier of nylon cam locks and related products. Our nylon cam locks are designed to give you the durability you need for industrial applications, while also providing easy installation and reliable performance. If you are looking for an industry-leading source of nylon cam locks that provide easy installation and reliable performance, Union Metal is the answer!

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