2 important trends in businesses

In this post, we will talk about the 2 important trends. Let’s get started!

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is getting very good at appearing human. Its’ not perfect yet, but she’s close enough that we start spending an incredible amount of time talking to her. A recent study suggests that up to 85% of our customer service interactions are already done with an AI.

This is just a scratch on the surface. Today, companies are using artificial intelligence to completely transform the way they do business, from forecasting trends and planning deliveries to the point where AI communicates with a customer, creating an ever-increasing relationship. receptive, authentic and even human.

The ability of AI to process massive amounts of our data and turn it into the products and services we want (even if we don’t know we want them), is having a profound impact on the way we shop online. It is estimated that the world will have about 8 billion AI voice assistants by 2023.

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Social Commerce

Today, social commerce is on the rise, and businesses can harness the power of the community to build a trusted brand almost overnight. In the past two years, we have seen brands forced to engage with consumers in new ways as many spend more time online, a trend driven primarily by the pandemic. Social media dominated much of this time. Nearly 4 billion people spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on social media. Instagram alone has over a billion monthly users.

A recent study determined that the value of social commerce will triple by 2025, reaching US$1.2 trillion. Social commerce has an incredible ability to influence purchasing decisions, combining the technological prowess of digital commerce with the power of psychology found in social groups. Having a clear vision helps brands guide their way in activating social commerce. Social commerce means that the response and feedback time between customers and brands is shorter, which drives faster decision-making and, therefore, purchase. Social commerce is also very popular on YouTube. Communities on YouTube are very big because it’s a big thing and people care more about the video marketing. You can get instant YouTube views with the social commerce offers and promotion.

Experts highlighted that “with the growth of social commerce erupting, brands must look for ways to integrate social platforms into their digital commerce strategy now more than ever”.

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