5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Corporate T-Shirts

Just like any other step in a corporate sector, getting hands-on with a good corporate t-shirt is equally important. You need to be equipped with adequate knowledge so that you do not make mistakes while buying it. Being knowledgeable from the beginning will enable you to channelise the t-shirt buying process in the right direction without losing energy, money, time, staff and clients.

Here Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Corporate T-Shirts:

  1. Avoid Cheap Materials

It is a wise decision to curate products on a budget. Being economical is good but compromising on the quality is always a big mistake.

When buying a t-shirt, focus on the quality of the product every once in a while. It is important to make the employees understand how much the company invests in maintaining the quality of the products they get for the employees. Low price at the expense of quality is a big no!

T-shirts are meant to provide comfort and this should be the main concern while selecting the fabric. If the t-shirt fails miserably in this particular criteria just for the preference for cheap material, all the design, logo and efforts will go in vain. Do not let this happen because creating an impression of the company is very important.

2.Avoid pixelated Image

Special consideration should be given to the image that needs to be printed on the t-shirt. This is another common mistake which people generally make while selecting a picture or design. When you select a small image that looks good on a phone screen, it might not be very presentable on a t-shirt. This is because the picture is enlarged while getting printed on the t-shirt which makes it pixelated.

The Chunky pixels on the T-Shirts do not look good and talk much about the quality and expertise that has been invested while designing the t-shirt. Make sure that the picture that you have downloaded from Google search should be at least 4 mp or bigger. This is important because it will make the pictures look good when zoomed out to 4 times the normal size.

 3.Font Size, Element Density And Design

Thin fonts, fine details and small text are not very easy to get printed on a t-shirt. It might look good on a white or black piece of paper or even on the phone screen but can be difficult to read on a t-shirt. Ensure that the height of the text is at least 1/10th the height of the design area that is available.

Make use of larger, thicker and bold fonts. The large fonts are suitable for all types of T-shirt designs and are readable. If shapes and artworks are used, ensure that the stroke of pen work is thick enough to get printed nicely.

4. Copyrighted Designs

There are designs available on the internet which you might choose for the t-shirt. Make sure to check the copyright of the designs because some designs might be owned by companies, designers or have trademarks. They might be copyrighted.

Be careful while selecting any random design on the internet. The logo or design selected should be free for use. For instance, if you want to add a certain logo to your design, make sure you make your version of that logo in a different style and only then use it. Although tho logos and quotes can be used from free sites, it is better to be safe than sorry.

5. Avoid Too Many Colors

Avoid using too many colours as it makes the printing process very complicated. A complicated printing comes with more cost. However, it will still depend on the type of printing you prefer while getting your corporate t-shirt done.

If you choose press printing you can get multiple colours printed. If you use the silk screen process your design might be limited to a few colours (2-3). For a silk screen printing process, more colours can get more costly. Design placement and sizing are other key factors when buying a corporate t-shirt.

A design might look good on your phone but it doesn’t mean it will look the same way on the t-shirt. To ensure good results make sure you invest some time in the following to avoid an awkward t-shirt.

  • Colour contrast is another aspect which should not be missed. Some colours don’t perform well when put together on a colour t-shirt. For example, an orange and a pink coloured logo or font might not look good on a red t-shirt. The same logo or print will look great on a black or white t-shirt.
  • Focus on proportion, do not use very big text in comparison to the size of your t-shirt. Small details like the capital letters being too big or very long vertically can make your t-shirt look dramatic for no reason.
  • Placement of design is also important. If there is a design at the back, do not go overboard with it.
  • The logo of the company should be placed where it should be readable, noticeable and not just placed to fill the gap.

Final Words

Buying corporate t-shirts is not an easy task especially when you are looking for comfortable quality and design in a single product. Staying updated and knowledgeable is what it takes to get your hands on a good deal.


Ask the following questions before making the final decision. Is the method of printing well? How big is the design? How much will it cost you? What level of comfort is the t-shirt providing? Is the expense worth it? Apart from the money, you should also consider the amount of time you are investing in designing the logo or other similar things.

People come from all backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Make sure you do not include any text or logo that hurts their sentiments. A high-quality t-shirt with appealing colour, graphics, text and contrast are what every company looks forward to giving their employees. Give a comfortable work environment to your employees with a fantastic corporate t-shirt!

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