5 Highly Popular Lil Durk Hip-Hop Songs

5 Highly Popular Lil Durk Hip-Hop Songs

Durk Derrick Banks, or as you probably know him, Lil Durk, is a Chicago-based rapper who helped popularize the violent and dark subgenre of the trap music style. He is both adored and hated because of it, but be as it may, it’s undeniable that Durk is one of the most famous rappers of our time.

Having his own rap collective and record label, ‘Only the Family,’ Lil Durk has been active on the rap music scene for more than a decade, releasing various studio albums. In addition, he is also highly active as a live performer, touring around the United States in different cities. The best way to see his live performances is to buy Lil Durk concert tickets for his upcoming shows around the country.

But before you do so, let’s see the top 5 Lil Durk songs that will most likely appear on the concert setlist. Let’s begin.

Golden Child

This track by Lil Durk is from his latest album called ‘7220’ and has been produced by Cubeatz, Hitmaka, YC, and Real Red. Jerry Productions directed the music video for this song, and it premiered together with the track back on March 10th, 2022, one day before the ‘7220’ studio album was released.

It’s a classical rap and trap music song, and it peaked at number twelve on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs by Billboard, which is a huge success for a song of this music style, especially since there is so much competition.

The Voice

In the midst of the global pandemic challenges in 2020, Lil Durk managed to focus on the right thing, meaning to work and use the time to establish himself even more in the rap and trap music scene. And he succeeded in doing so since, in this song, he isn’t afraid to show his abilities and make grand comparisons. Even more, on this track that has the same name as the studio album, Lil Durk even compared himself with the legendary Jay-Z and deemed himself the ‘Chicago Jay-Z.’

‘The Voice’ was certified gold because it sold over 500,000 album-equivalent units in the USA, which is not a success to be underestimated since so many young rappers are trying to conquer the rap music industry.

My Beyoncé featuring Dej Loaf

You may be amazed, but believe it or not, Lil Durk also created a romantic ballad. Even though most of his tracks deal with other darker issues and themes, he showed the fans that he could also create something different.

‘My Beyoncé’ is a collaboration with Dej Loaf, and it is a love song with the premise that they actually are the new Beyonce and Jay-Z. And even though it’s a pretty optimistic comparison, the music video most certainly shows great chemistry between the two.

However, the couple split at the end of 2016, but Dej Loaf has stated before that even though they are not together anymore, they managed to remain friends.

All Love

‘All Love’’ was also a collaborative production since TouchofTrent produced it with Young T. Lil Durk released this popular single after ‘Love Songs 4 The Streets 2’ was already out, and here the OTF rapper pays homage to Chicago.

The music video it’s classical in today’s music video style with clips of iced-out watches and fancy vehicles. To be fair, it still has a nice message in the sense that it’s a story about someone who made something out of nothing.

All his music fans know that he had had it difficult from the start, and the odds were against him, but Durk succeeded in the hip-hop scene even though he is only 29 years old.

I Know

Last on the list, but not less important for Lil Durk, ‘I Know’ is a song where Durk touches on a lot of stuff. It refers to his time in prison, his attitude towards loyalty, and having the experience of growing up in the trenches.

Nevertheless, the main theme of this song is about how even though people around him questioned his decisions, he states that he wouldn’t have been where he is today without those choices. Be as it may, his fans would definitely love for him to stay out of legal trouble in the near and far future as well.

Here you have 5 highly popular Lil Durk songs that have a high percentage of chance to show up on his following concert setlist.

If you want to see him perform live, the time to buy concert tickets is right now. And even if you don’t like this type of music, why not experience something different for a change? At the end of the day, maybe you won’t like it, or perhaps you’ll have a lot of fun with your friends. You have nothing to lose in both cases since a live concert is always a great chance to dance!

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