The Ultimate Guide To The YAMAHA G29 Speed Sensor

The Ultimate Guide To The YAMAHA G29 Speed Sensor

The Yamaha G29 speed sensor is a great addition to Yamaha G29 golf carts, but what is it, and what does it do? This blog article breaks down the ins and outs of the Yamaha g29 speed sensor. If you are interested, read on!

What is the Speed Sensor?

The Speed Sensor is a device used to measure a golf cart’s speed. This sensor is located on the front of the golf cart and is used to calculate the golf cart’s speed. This part is then used to adjust the gears in the golf cart. The YAMAHA G29 speed sensor fits Yamaha G22/G29/Drive/YDRE electric carts with Hitachi DC motor and 2007-2014 G29 YDRE models and 2003-2007 G22 electric models.

What is its function of it?

The speed sensor is designed to change the timing of the spark during combustion in order to improve the engine’s performance. This allows the golf carts to run at a higher RPM and achieve a higher compression ratio, which results in better fuel economy.

The speed sensor also helps to prevent knocking. Knock is caused by an unstable air/fuel mixture in the engine and can damage valves, pistons, and rings. It also helps to prevent knock by altering the timing of the spark.


If you want to renew your speed sensor for your YAMAHA G29 golf carts, 10L0L should be your best option. 10L0L carries a huge range of golf cart parts for well-known brands, mainly Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts. Make your golf cart brand new! The YAMAHA G29 speed sensor from 10L0L is a high-quality factory replacement for long-lasting durability, exact match the original, and works great on the Yamaha golf cart.


In this article, we have provided you with everything you need to know about this speed sensor. Don’t forget to check out 10L0L of Yamaha G29 Speed Parts to find the perfect upgrade for your golf carts!

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