Elevate Your Audio Experience with the ESD Acoustic Panda Plus High-End Home Stereo System

ESD Acoustic introduces the Panda Plus, the advanced version of their acclaimed Panda speaker series. Designed to redefine the concept of audio excellence, this high-end home stereo system combines cutting-edge technologies and ingenious engineering. With foiled beryllium diaphragms by Truextent® and patented titanium sandwich diaphragms, the Panda Plus delivers an unparalleled audio experience with higher resolution, lower distortion, and exceptional clarity.

Foiled Beryllium Diaphragms for Uncompromising Resolution

The Panda Plus High-End Home Stereo System features foiled beryllium diaphragms by Truextent®. This state-of-the-art technology provides higher resolution and lower distortion, allowing you to hear every subtle detail and nuance in your music. The foiled beryllium material ensures rigidity and exceptional damping properties, resulting in precise sound reproduction and an immersive listening experience. With the Panda Plus, you can rediscover your favorite music with a level of clarity that exceeds expectations.

Patented Titanium Sandwich Diaphragms for Unrivaled Performance

ESD Acoustic’s Panda Plus incorporates patented titanium sandwich diaphragms, a testament to their commitment to innovation. These diaphragms are not only lightweight but also remarkably sturdy, effectively eliminating segmentation distortion and phase distortion. By ensuring optimal diaphragm behavior, the system delivers a natural and transparent soundstage, enabling you to experience music as if you were in the recording studio. Immerse yourself in a world of pure audio bliss and enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard.


The ESD Acoustic Panda Plus High End Home Stereo System is a true masterpiece of audio engineering. With foiled beryllium diaphragms and patented titanium sandwich diaphragms, this system offers uncompromising resolution, lower distortion, and an immersive listening experience. ESD Acoustic continues to uphold their reputation for delivering audio products of exceptional quality and performance.

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