Expanding Applications with Benewake’s TFmini Plus

The TFmini Plus, developed by Benewake, is an innovative short-distance laser radar sensor that greatly improves upon previous generations in terms of both performance and adaptability.

Improved Stability and Longevity

The enhanced design of the TFmini Plus, which includes IP65 protection, guarantees resistance to dust and water, and sets new benchmarks. Rest assured, it will remain stable and dependable in even the most demanding settings, surpassing vibration testing conducted on drones. From robotics to industrial automation, TFmini Plus is perfect for a wide range of applications because to its optimized compensation algorithms, which ensure consistent and reliable data.

Adaptable Responses to Different Challenges

With its adaptable design, TFmini Plus can accommodate a wide range of customer needs by supporting both standard and bespoke output protocols and Pix images. For better connectivity and integration, make sure it’s compatible with UART, I/O, and I2C interfaces. With its customizable features, TFmini Plus enables creativity and efficiency in numerous applications, such as industrial robotics, drones, and Internet of Things devices.

Customizable Solutions for Varied Needs

Designed for flexibility, TFmini Plus supports Pix and customized output protocols, offering tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs. Compatibility with UART, I/O, and I2C interfaces enhances connectivity and integration ease. Whether used in drones, IoT devices, or industrial robotics, TFmini Plus offers customizable options, enabling innovation and efficiency in various applications.

Unleashing Potential with TFmini Plus

Benewake’s TFmini Plus unlocks new possibilities with enhanced durability, reliability, and customization. This advanced LiDAR sensor exemplifies Benewake’s commitment to innovation in sensor technology. TFmini Plus empowers industries to explore new applications and solutions, leveraging its adaptable design and cutting-edge features to drive efficiency and productivity. Embrace the future of LiDAR technology with Benewake’s TFmini Plus and discover limitless opportunities for transformative solutions.


In this article, we’ve explored the enhanced capabilities of Benewake‘s TFmini Plus, highlighting its durability, reliability, and versatility. Whether in industrial automation, robotics, or IoT, TFmini Plus stands as a beacon of innovation, enabling tailored solutions to meet diverse industry needs.

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