Experience the Luxury of Sandy Beach Resort Myrtle Beach

Experience the Luxury of Sandy Beach Resort Myrtle Beach

If you want to purchase the property with a high return, you can go for Sandy Beach Resort condos for sale. This property is just one minute away from Myrtle Beach. This resort is designed with the beautiful architecture of modern art with the warmth of a sandy beach. A person waits to visit this resort for vacation in Myrtle Beach. This is one of the most favorite places for many people from 75 years.

Luxury beach resort provides many deluxe amenities with the best hotel facilities that make your vacations unforgettable. The resort is located at 201 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, beside the Family Kingdom Amusement Park and another door to The Ocean One Resort. This resort is with the most beautiful details and fabulous, comfortable accommodation. In addition, they provide the best facilities to their customers.

Accommodation Facility 

The resort has mainly two different towers; both are designed and maintained beautifully in their ways. They provide comfortable, ultimate one bed, two bed, and multiple bedding facilities. The one-bedroom facilitates a fabulous view of the ocean from the room itself. They also offer an updated kitchen with the stainless steel appliance, dishwasher and drying, and bathroom falsities.

The other two or multiple room facility provides many Jacuzzis tubs and oceanfront facilities in the bathrooms of these rooms. Many facilities can be found within the resort itself, and you don’t need to move out of the resort. This resort is one of the most desirable oceans in front.

Exterior Designs  

This building is in front of the ocean, making it most desirable for the people who come for vacations. Its location is east of bus 17 to the highway bypass inside the city limits. The building is designed with a Balcony in every room. The large building also has the facilities of elevator-exterior. The exterior of the building is designed with concrete fiber sidings that make it look more beautiful.

There are about 12-floor units in one building, and it is styled with a hi-rise of seven-plus stories and is built on the solid foundation of the slab. The fantastic facility is that people love to have had a view of the ocean, and it is the perfect location for vacations.

Property Features

Around the building, you can find many other amenities like a pool- and outdoor community for your children and adults. They also have their security department for home and short-term facilities. They also allow you for both short and long-term rental stays. Additionally, they have a lazy river and indoor pool community.

There are two-phase buildings with different condos facilities, and one can purchase and resale the property whenever they want. The property is also available with Cable TV, electricity, telephone, and water facilities as a helpful resource.

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