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Go white This is certainly a common concept that is no longer unfamiliar to longtime players. However, if you are a new player, you probably still do not fully understand this concept in Tien Len. Please read Nha cai new88 article to update from A to Z the basic introductory knowledge you need to know before experimenting.

Find out what is white in Tien Len card game?

Tien Len card game is famous for its simple gameplay and comes with rules that bring advantages to participants. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the white win rule – a concept that is all too familiar to longtime followers of the red and black game.

You can understand that this term is used to refer to the player winning from the beginning of the game. Specifically, when learning what white is, gamers will know that if they own special links, they will always come first without having to proceed with the usual card playing steps.

However, winning outright is very unlikely, and is even considered a rare case. Only the luckiest people can possess this outstanding advantage over the remaining competitors.

Cases of winning white when playing Tien Len

After learning the definition of white, surely you are all curious about which links you need to own to win right from the beginning of the game. Next, let’s explore each case in detail to get the most accurate answer to the above question.

Dragon Hall

The first priority set when considering a white win is Dragon Hall. This link includes 13 cards with consecutive values ​​starting from the smallest card of 3 and the largest card of 2. If you meet this condition, you will obviously become the winner.

Quarter 2

Whether 4 pigs will be white is also a question many players ask when participating in Southern Tien Len. Accordingly, owning four of a kind 2 or 4 pigs is also considered a win from the beginning of the game. However, the priority of this link will be ranked after Dragon Hall.

Four quarters 3

The third quarter is also a case that is classified as a white win. However, this rule only applies to the first hand. In the following games, even if you own the above link, you will still have to play cards with other people to win the prize money. This is also the answer to the question of whether the 3rd quarter will come white or not.

There are 5 or 6 pairs of pine trees

Common pairs are understood as pairs with consecutive values. When playing Tien Len, the player is also considered to win if he holds 5 or 6 such links. Of these, 6 pairs will naturally be given priority by the house when considering the results. Hopefully with the above information, you have an answer to the question of whether 5 pairs of pine needles will come out white.

6 pairs plus 1 odd card

Another case that is also recognized as winning white from the beginning of the game is any 6 pairs with 1 odd card. However, when compared to the links just shared, this set will still rank behind in terms of priority.

13 leaves of the same color

In addition to the above sets, players will also win white if they hold 13 black or red copper cards. So we have just fully shared with players the special cases in the game. For example, four of a kind, 2nd quarter, 3rd of a quarter, or going to white in moving up to 6 pairs, will it be white?

Rules for calculating points when winning blank in Tien Len

According to the rules of this game, if you win, you will be allowed to win all the remaining players’ bets. However, 2 cards (pigs) and special combinations will be counted separately.
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Accordingly, in case of red pig rot, the player will have to pay double the money. If the black pig rots, the amount of money to be paid to the village will be calculated according to the rules of that game. This is the information gamers need to know, in addition to finding out whether 3 to black comes to white.

Going back to winning right from the beginning of the game, the rules and payouts may change depending on the game portal you are participating in. In fact, there are bookmakers who will apply the rule of paying 3 or 4 times more to the first place winner thanks to white winning.

Which card house should I play at to win the most money?

The rule to white 5 pairs to white or other special links have been shared in quite detail. Thereby, you can see that this is the absolute advantage that we can receive when participating in Tien Len.

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