What is Scratch Cards? Detailed Game Rules and Best Playing Tips

Scratch Cards is a very popular card game on the market today, an attractive game that attracts a large number of players to participate. However, there are still many people who do not know what scratch cards are? Detailed rules and how to play this game to win easily? Therefore, today’s article is dedicated to sharing all the good information about this game. If you are interested, please join us. Liên Minh OKVIP Let’s find out.

What is a scratch card?

Scratch cards also known as Three Card Poker – when translated into Vietnamese, this game also has many other names such as three card poker, three card poker,… 3 card card game is extremely popular with the player community in Vietnam, especially for people in the South.

The advantage of the scratch card game is that it has simple rules, betting time and the game takes place quickly within just a few minutes.

Lucky players who win the final game in each bet will have the opportunity to receive valuable bonuses.

Rules for playing scratch cards

  • Similar to other betting entertainment games, scratch card games also have their own rules.
  • Each game will allow 2 – 6 people to participate and each person will be dealt exactly 3 cards.
  • Players only need to care about the value and number of the cards without paying attention to the suit.
  • Because winning or losing in high cards is decided entirely based on the total score of the 3 cards.
  • If the player has the highest score, he will be the winner.


When playing scratch card games, in addition to understanding the rules of the game, you also need to remember the terms used in the game. Below is a list of common terms in lesson 3 that you should know:

  • Game: A term used to refer to the period of time from the start of a game to its end.
  • Dealing: A term referring to the act of distributing cards to players. How to deal cards in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Hold the card: A term used to refer to the person holding the card, also known as the master of the game.
  • Steal chapter: Is a term that refers to a certain player achieving 10 points.
  • Betting: The term refers to the act of players spending a certain amount of money to bet before each game.
  • Wax: A term used to refer to 3 cards of the same value. In the scratch card game, wax A has the highest value.
  • Lieng: This is the term used to refer to 3 consecutive cards. The value of Lieng is also calculated similarly to Sap.
  • Ba Tay: A term referring to 3 cards that have the shape of a human head and have equal score values ​​including J, Q, K.
  • Raise: Only act when the player sees his total score is high and wants to increase the bet.
  • Follow: The term refers to the action of a player choosing to follow the person who has chosen to raise and is willing to bet the same amount as the previous bettor.
  • Set: A term that refers to the act of giving up or giving up.
  • To Tat: A term referring to the player’s act of betting all-in.

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Post order

Based on the rules of the 3-card card game, the order of the cards in this game can be arranged in many different ways. Specifically:

  • Card rankings are arranged in order of cards: 2<3<4<5<6<7<8<9<10<J<Q<K<A.
  • Order of 3-card cards according to suit: Spades < Hearts < Diamonds < Diamonds.
  • Order of 3-card cards arranged by card type: Explosion > Bomb > Scratch card > 9 points > 8 points > 7 points > 6 points > 5 points > 4 points > 3 points > 2 points > 1 point > 0 points.
  • Order of 3 cards ranked in order of big and small bombs: KKK > QQQ > JJJ > 101010 > 999 > 888 > 777 > 666 > 555 > 444 > 333 > 222 > 111.
  • ….

How to play scratch cards

When you start the game, you bet a prescribed amount of money.

The dealer will then deal the cards and each player participating in the game will be dealt 3 cards face down in front of them.

As soon as the cards are dealt, you will rely on the 3 cards you have to come up with your own specific playing strategy:

  • If the total score of the 3 cards in your hand is high, don’t hesitate to choose well to increase the bonus when you win.
  • If you are not sure about your winning rate, you can choose according to the person who “Raised”.
  • In case you find that your hand is too bad, the total calculated score is too low and there is no hope of winning, you can choose to “face down”.
  • If you calculate the total score of the 3 cards dealt and realize that your card has the highest total score and no opponent can surpass it, then apply the “all-in” method.

Tips for playing scratch cards that are easy to win

Scratch cards are a type of card game that is not difficult to play. However, if you want to always win when playing cards, you need to immediately apply some of the following simple playing tips.

  • Read carefully and master all the rules, rules and scoring methods in the scratch card game in detail.
  • In all cases, keep calm. You absolutely must not let yourself be provoked by your opponent’s tactics.
  • Avoid betting too much money in the first game.
  • Always focus on observing and memorizing your opponent’s cards to have a safe, easy-to-win playing strategy.
  • You should know when to stop when playing 3 cards.


Above is all the basic information and knowledge about scratch card games, I hope your article casino Liên Minh OKVIP will help you learn the game as well as pick up many good tips to help you win easily.


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