Illuminating Protection: Discover the Power of ieGeek’s 360 Security Camera

In the realm of home security, ieGeek‘s 360 security camera is a game-changer, transcending the limits of conventional floodlights. Picture this: a floodlight that not only illuminates your surroundings but also keeps a watchful eye, enhancing your security in ways you never thought possible.

Two-in-One Brilliance with Floodlight Security

ieGeek has redefined the concept of security by seamlessly merging light monitoring and surveillance. The Floodlight Camera ZY-E1, a floodlight security camera from ieGeek goes beyond the ordinary, offering a dynamic duo that ensures your surroundings are both well-lit and under vigilant watch. It’s a revolutionary approach to home protection.

Unveiling Advanced Features

The ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 isn’t just about lighting up your space; it’s a comprehensive security system. With features like surveillance, motion alert, custom detection area, a formidable 110dB siren, and real-time notifications through 2-way audio, ieGeek empowers you with control over your home security like never before.

The Perfect Balance for Busy Lives

For those managing the delicate balance between family and work, ieGeek understands the importance of time. The Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 ensures you don’t have to compromise time with your loved ones while prioritizing their safety and privacy. It seamlessly integrates into your routine, offering peace of mind without sacrificing precious moments with your family.


ieGeek’s Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 is more than a device; it’s a promise of advanced security that complements your lifestyle. With its dual functionality as a floodlight and surveillance powerhouse, coupled with innovative features like custom detection areas and compatibility with Alexa, ieGeek has crafted a solution that empowers you to safeguard your home effortlessly. Invest in the brilliance of ieGeek, where security meets convenience, and your peace of mind is always in focus.

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