Innovating Cardiology: APT Medical’s 6.5F Set Transforms Coronary Catheters

Complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and chronic total occlusion (CTO) present persistent challenges for interventional cardiologists,, necessitating ongoing innovation in coronary catheters to offer improved solutions. APT Medical, a major global provider in medical solutions, takes this innovation a step further with its groundbreaking 6.5F Set. This set addresses the demand for the larger inner lumen of the guiding catheters in complex PCI and CTO cases.

The Evolution of Introducer sheath

Within the realm of Introducer sheath, APT Medical stands as a beacon of progress. The 6.5F Braidin™ introducer sheath, a part of the Braidin™ family, redefines introducer products. Its braided stainless steel structure not only maintains a simliar outer diameter to conventional 6F introducer sheaths but also boasts a 0.5F larger inner diameter, providing a seamless fit with the 6.5F guiding catheter to provide a larger inner lumen.

Unraveling APT Medical’s March™ 6.5F Guiding Catheter

The March™ guiding catheter features a braided structure that provides excellent kink resistance, back-up support and larger lunner lumen, 6.5F with an inner diameter of 0.075″, surpassing the 6F guiding catheters’ 0.071″, opens doors to compatibility with larger and various devices.

Navigating the Product Line

APT Medical’s commitment to excellence shines through its diverse range of coronary catheter products. The 6.5F Set, with the Braidin™ introducer sheath and March™ guiding catheter, brings more possibility for the clinical practice. Healthcare professionals can trust APT Medical for reliability, advanced technology, and solutions tailored to their specific needs.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s 6.5F Set emerges as a pioneer in the realm of coronary catheters. With a focus on innovation, compatibility, and enhanced procedural efficiency, APT Medical continues to lead the way in providing excellent products that redefine the standards of treatment in interventional cardiology.

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