Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? Pros and Cons Revealed

Compared to other social networking sites, LinkedIn Premium offers a few different advantages over free accounts. It allows users to create better profiles and has premium features. It also comes with a free trial period of one month. It is worth considering signing up for the free trial period to get a feel for LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is a social network that connects professionals with a variety of professional needs. It offers a range of account types for varying needs, from free to paid, so it is important to choose the right account and evaluate it’s benefits. You can always cancel your linkedin premium subscription. It is important to try a free trial to determine whether it is for you.

Premium accounts come with many benefits, including unlimited access to the company’s online training library. Other premium features include unlimited InMails, more search filters, and multiple languages. InMail credits are particularly helpful when it comes to contacting recruiters, and you can create multiple profiles in various languages. Lastly, premium users have the option to connect with people in real-time, follow pages, and receive newsletters.

Private mode

Premium Private Mode is a great way to improve your lead generation efforts. It allows you to customize your message to each prospect. This boosts the response rate of your connection requests, and it can be set up automatically or manually. When you’re ready to start connecting with your leads, you can easily turn off private mode.

When using LinkedIn premium Private mode, you should keep in mind that you’ll have less visibility than a non-paid account. When you’re in private mode, other users won’t be able to see your contact information or see your profile. However, if you’re concerned about your identity being exposed, private mode is a great choice.


LinkedIn InMail is a great way to connect with people outside your network without the hassle of requesting a connection. This premium feature eliminates the agony of waiting for the recipient to respond after accepting your connection request. However, it does cost money. You can’t use the premium feature if you have a free account.

LinkedIn premium is expensive compared to other premium services. However, it is worth the price if you want to reach out to people often and get it for free. For example, LinkedIn Premium accounts can pay for themselves very quickly if you use InMail as your main means of communicating with people.


LinkedIn Premium and Waalaxy are two LinkedIn marketing tools that can be used to generate leads. And if you are looking for jobs in energy, LinkedIn Premium lets you download as many prospects as you want and then send them invitations and messages. Waalaxy has a similar function to LinkedIn but is free. It helps you find leads by location and automatically generates email messages based on the information provided by the leads.

Waalaxy comes with a free trial that allows you to see whether it’s the best tool for you. You can also buy the pro plan for 21 euros per month and receive 280 LinkedIn invitations each week. If you’re already using a CRM, Waalaxy can synchronize with it and export data in a CSV file. Additionally, Waalaxy supports integrations with Integrate and Zippier, allowing you to include the service into your existing workflows. You can also set up auto-visits for your LinkedIn profiles, which is a great feature if you’re trying to reach as many people as possible.


LinkedIn Premium has a number of benefits, including in-person networking events where you can meet industry leaders. It also provides access to LinkedIn Learning courses that are full of multimedia lessons about a variety of business topics, from how to get hired to how to develop your career. These courses are designed by experts in business and can make the cost of LinkedIn Premium well worth it.


Although LinkedIn is free, it regularly attempts to entice users to upgrade to Premium. Premium members get additional features, including access to InMail messages and advanced search. The cost of LinkedIn Premium varies, with some plans costing as much as 20% higher than the free version.

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