Must-Have Items for Your College Student Child

Time passes too fast – one minute you’ve got a helpless newborn baby and the next you’re moving them across the country for college. When your child leaves home, it’s natural to want to ensure they have everything they need to go it alone in the world. They’ve had your support their whole life. If your child is preparing to head away to college, these must-have items will give them the best start as they begin the next chapter of their life.


Being cozy and comfortable is vital so be sure to send your student with a new bedding set. A warm duvet will feel like a hug when you’re away from them and a cover they love will give their room style and highlight their personality. Don’t forget comforters and sheets, pillows, and cushions, ideal for lazy days watching their favourite Netflix shows and dream-filled nights after hours studying.


Be sure your child is ahead of the game with a reliable computer. Studying is the point of going to college, so give them the tools they need to succeed with the right technology. Lenovo animation PCs are not only ideal for the animation student in your life but for anyone moving to college and will serve them well after graduation and into the world of work.

Towels and Toiletries

Send your child to college with soft, new towels. The shower facilities in their dorm might not be the most appealing (let’s face it, they’re being used by multiple teenagers – they’re not going to rival a high-end spa), so make the best of the situation with your son or daughter’s favourite toiletries and plush towels, so they’ll feel fresh as a daisy regardless.

Water Bottle

Help your child stay hydrated by providing them with a reusable water bottle they can carry around campus. Without you there to remind them to drink plenty of water, this is the next best thing. Metal is a good, sturdy option and has the bonus of keeping drinks cool.


Prepare them for the hard work that lies ahead by giving your son or daughter all the stationery they require. Post-it notes, notebooks, highlighters, ring-binders, and anything else they’ll need to stay on top of their studies might not seem the most exciting purchases but will mean they have all the supplies to hand when necessary. Check to see if there’s anything the need specific to their course, such as textbooks or equipment. Most departments will have a list they can forward.

Kitchen Essentials

Even if your child is being catered for, there will be times they eat when they’re not in the dining hall. Basic items such as plates, bowls, cutlery, and food containers will make life easier. A kettle is another useful item – ideal for preparing those favourite college meals of instant noodles. A simple recipe book can ensure they have a more diverse diet.

Most of all, send your child with the knowledge they can come to you for any support they need. This is a big change for them and knowing they have you to turn to will give them the wings they need to soar.

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