The Complete Fashion Guide: 7 Ways To Wear Ralph Lauren Polo In Style

Every man’s closet must have some stylish and trendy polo shirts. It is a stylish alternative in contrast to the conventional type of shirt. The Ralph Lauren polos shirt is considered to be a classic and elegant type of style. Its particular neckline, the breathable fabric and the buttons makes it a type of style that you can effortlessly carry very easily. It can be dressed up or down, by simply wearing some simple accessories like a watch or a bracelet to complement your look. Ralph Lauren manufactured the most versatile type of polos that does not always have to be formally dressed and it can be worn casually as well. By putting some effort and taking a couple of steps, you can make phenomenal clothing combinations with your polos shirt and create a luxe fashion statement.

How To Style Your Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt With Shorts

At the point when the weather conditions get excessively hot, update your collection with a Ralph Lauren polos shirt with a pair of shorts. It’s a timeless outfit that will give an appealing effect to the wearer. Choose monochromatic tones to make an edgy and effortless style and you can also try a different color combination.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt With Blazer

From dinner dates to office working days, a Ralph Lauren polo shirt with a elegant looking blazer does some incredible things when paired together. For additional formal occasions, wear a vibrant colored polo shirt with a dark-colored suit and you are good to go.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt With Jacket

You can pair a dark-colored bomber jacket with a white-colored Ralph Lauren polo shirt. Coordinate the bomber jacket with your jeans to accomplish a sophisticated and polished outfit ideal for party looks. Additionally, White polo shirts and jeans look very appealing together.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt With Sweatpants

This combination is the most comfortable, loose and cool. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt With your favorite pair of sweatpants is an ideal fit for the days when you are on the go to your gym or even to do your daily chores. Finish off your outfit with a stylish pair of low-top shoes and team up the outfit with a stylish backpack. To try not to look messy, ensure the garments are ironed properly and well fitted. Always make sure to create an effortless look.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt With White Trouser

Pair your white trousers and a light-colored polo shirt with a baseball cap for sunny days. What’s even better is that Ralph Lauren polo shirts can effortlessly get along with anything, so they will team up effectively with white bottom wear.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt With Chinos

Chinos are an incredible choice of clothing to effectively complete your attire with a Ralph Lauren polos shirt. It is a combination of semi-formal and smart casual looks. Get that cool look by simply tucking your Ralph Lauren Polos shirt into the chinos, and finish up the look with a minimalistic pair of shoes.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt With Plaid Pants

Combine your Ralph Lauren polo shirts with a pair of plaided pants to get a relaxed and enchanting style. Leave the polo untucked when going for casual appearance and make sure that the fit is appealing. You can without much effort create a charming appeal by opting for this combination.

What To Avoid When Wearing Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

  • There is a great hack for polo shirts and that is to search for polos that have minimal or no branding imprinted on top of it. Try not to allow the logo to be the center of attraction. However, patterns look cool but with regards to branding, always go for minimal.
  • Do not ever pop your polo shirt collar. This makes you look unprofessional and weird. The popping of the polo collar trend has now gone for the good. It does not make you look any cooler but just makes you look improperly dressed.
  • Try not to wear a polo shirt with any kind of an undershirt as it adds bulkiness and looks weird. However, If you like to do something different, pick something with a lower neckline that will not be that much noticeable.
  • Think beyond jeans and opt for chinos, joggers, trousers, shorts, and other kinds of bottom wear. These are the classiest way to elevate your look effectively without having to do much.

Useful Tips On Wearing Polo Shirt

  1. Keep The Buttons Close Or Open According To Your Style

Mind the polo shirt buttons by keeping them closed is a simple way for getting a sleek look. Then again, opened buttons is definitely not a wrong idea for a few casual events. Ensure the shirt buttons aren’t opened excessively low down your neck as then it will seem to be a V-neck shirt and the neckline feature will be ruined.

  1. The Fit Should Be Perfect

The fitting of a Ralph Lauren polo shirt must not be excessively tight or excessively loose, so ensure your fit is comfortable enough to move freely. The Ralph Lauren polos shirt that you pick must be long enough so that it is convenient to tuck it well. Additionally, it should not be that long so you can wear it just like that without tucking it. You should always pick the fit that is a little tighter around your chest and looses down around the midsection to give you that masculine look.

  1. The Colors Varieties To Captivate Everyone

It is very important to choose a good color that matches your skin tone as well. For example, a Ralph Lauren polos shirt in a neutral color will work admirably with all your outfits. Furthermore, to add a fun element to the party, pair a Ralph Lauren polos shirt in a vibrant shade to captivate everyone around you.

How To Find The Perfect Fit For Your Body

While talking about how to wear Ralph Lauren polo shirts, the main thing you need to take a look at is the fit of the shirt. Measuring your body curves properly will truly assist you with discovering the ideal fit to nail any outfit.

Shirt Length: The bottom hem must not come lower than two or three inches down your belt line and should always be higher than the hip section.

Sleeve Length: The sleeve must come about halfway down your bicep, anything longer than it can cause your arms to seem smaller than they actually are.

However, your Ralph Lauren polos shirt should fit close to your chest without looking excessively tight on your body to give you that masculine look.

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