Redefining Nighttime Wildlife Exploration with the HIKMICRO Infrared Trail Camera

The HIKMICRO Infrared Trail Camera is an incredible tool for nighttime wildlife observation since it captures every nuance of the nighttime outdoors in stunning clarity. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, this high-tech infrared trail camera is your key to recording all the action after dark.

Experience High Resolution Like Never Before

With a remarkable 10MP image resolution, the HIKMICRO Infrared Trail Camera delivers vibrant and true-to-life photos that preserve the natural beauty of wildlife in stunning clarity. Additionally, immerse yourself in the world of wildlife videography with crisp and clear 1080P video clips that capture every movement and detail with precision.

Enhanced Night Vision for Unmatched Coverage

Equipped with a wide-angle detection capability of 45 degrees, this night vision camera wildlife ensures that no wildlife activity escapes your lens. Experience the thrill of capturing wildlife in action with an impressive 25-meter (82 ft) range that covers a vast area, allowing you to explore the depths of the dark wilderness like never before. The advanced 940nm invisible IR LEDs provide enhanced night vision without disturbing the natural habitat, preserving the authenticity of your nocturnal wildlife encounters.


Elevate your wildlife exploration experience with the HIKMICRO night vision camera wildlife, where high resolution meets wide coverage and enhanced night vision for a truly immersive journey into the heart of the dark wilderness.

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