Simplify Your Life with BN-LINK’s Wireless Remote Control Wall Plugs and Sockets

BN-LINK’s Wireless Remote Control Wall Plugs and Sockets provide a simple and convenient solution for managing your electronic devices. Each kit includes everything you need to start, including the remote batteries. Whether you require a remote control wall plug or a remote control wall socket, BN-LINK offers the ultimate flexibility to suit your needs.

Quick and Easy Access with Everything You Need

Plugs and sockets from BN-LINK that are wireless and remote controlled provide unrivaled convenience. Setup is a snap with these pre-assembled kits because of their built-in functionality. Get get to work managing your devices with the included batteries for the remotes. You can count on BN-LINK to provide you with all of your remote control wall plug and socket needs.

Strong Signal Range for Seamless Operation

BN-LINK‘s RF receivers and transmitters are engineered to work seamlessly through doors and walls, without interfering with other electronics. With a remarkable signal range of up to 100 ft in line of sight, you can control your appliances from anywhere within that range. Enjoy the freedom of effortless operation throughout your space.

The Ability to Adapt

You can connect multiple remote outlets in sync with BN-LINK’s wireless remote control wall plugs and sockets, even if their frequencies are different. The ability to operate many devices at once is a huge time saver. In addition, you may customize the solution to meet your exact needs by adding any of our Century Remote Control Outlet kits to your system.


Upgrade your home or office with BN-LINK’s Wireless Remote Control Wall Plugs and Sockets and simplify your life. Enjoy the ready-to-go convenience, strong signal range, and the flexibility to expand and customize your system. Control your appliances effortlessly using the remote or the outlets themselves, compatible with a wide range of electronic devices. Trust in BN-LINK’s commitment to safety and reliability, with outlets that remain off after a power outage to save energy and protect your appliances. Experience the simplicity and convenience of remote control wall plugs and sockets with BN-LINK.

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