Sunway Solar 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery: A Superior Lithium Solar Battery Solution

In the realm of energy storage solutions, the Sunway Solar 24V 100Ah 2560Wh lithium solar battery is a standout performer. Designed to replace traditional lead-acid batteries, this advanced lithium solar battery offers a range of benefits that cater to various applications. This article explores the key specifications and features of the Sunway Solar lithium solar battery, demonstrating why it is a superior choice for energy storage needs.

Key Specifications

The Sunway Solar 24V 100Ah lithium solar battery is characterized by its impressive specifications. With a nominal voltage of 25.6V and a nominal capacity of 100Ah (C5, 25°C), it delivers substantial power for various uses. The energy capacity stands at 2560Wh, ensuring prolonged performance and reliability. Additionally, the internal resistance of the battery is ≤50mQ, which contributes to its efficiency and longevity.

Models and Variants

Sunway Solar offers different models to cater to diverse needs, including the SW25100 and SW25200. The SW25100 model provides 100Ah capacity, while the SW25200 model doubles the capacity to 200Ah. Both models share the same chemistry, LiFePO4, known for its safety, long cycle life, and efficiency. These models of lithium solar batteries are designed to meet various energy storage requirements effectively.

Key Features

One of the most significant advantages of the Sunway Solar lithium solar battery is its longer cycle life compared to traditional batteries. This attribute ensures that the battery can be used for more extended periods without frequent replacements. Additionally, the battery’s high power output and lightweight design make it suitable for various applications, from residential energy storage to commercial use. The intelligent management control system enhances the battery’s performance by monitoring and adjusting its operation, ensuring optimal functionality and safety. Moreover, the lower self-discharge rate means that the battery retains its charge for longer periods, making it more reliable and efficient.

User Experience and Performance

Users of the Sunway Solar 24V 100Ah lithium solar battery have consistently praised its performance and reliability. The high power output and intelligent management control system make it easy to use and maintain. Many users have noted the significant improvement in energy efficiency and the reduced need for frequent battery replacements, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the Sunway Solar battery.


In summary, the Sunway Solar 24V 100Ah 2560Wh lithium solar battery excels in both its specifications and features, offering an advanced and reliable energy storage solution. Whether for residential or commercial use, this battery’s long cycle life, high power output, and intelligent management system make it an ideal choice. By prioritizing efficiency and reliability, Sunway Solar continues to lead the industry with its innovative energy storage solutions.

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