The Best  Scrap Car Company

The Best  Scrap Car Company

If the car is completely damaged or if it has failed its sight, call or write to us and hear what it is worth to us. You can get a lot for your car, even if it is no longer road-worthy. 

We offer a really good scrap premium Skrotpræmie, so let’s make a bid ! If we have to pick up your car, you get the state’s tariff of DKK 2,200 You must go to and set up your car for scrapping before you arrive with us. We can help with this. You should expect longer turnaround time. Remember easy-id and reg. certificate At the top is a video the Environmental Protection Agency has made that shows how to do this.

As car scrapping today is digital, there is no need for a signature or personal contact when you scrap a car with us. This applies both when we pick up your scrap car and when you hand in your car for scrapping with us. We just agree where you put the car key, then we make sure to arrange the scrapping digitally and the scrap premium is paid to your Nemkonto.

We pick up scrap cars in most of Zealand and you get the scrap premium of DKK 2,200, – regardless of condition, car brand and year – the car just needs to be complete. It does not matter if it can not start, has flat tires or is damaged in traffic – the scrap premium is the same. The scrap premium of DKK 2,200 is paid by the state to the registered owner of the car. When we pick up the car, we create a digital scrap case on site.

 You can immediately see it on Skrot bil where you have to log in with Nemid and approve scrapping. You will then receive the scrap prize within a few days on your Nemkonto. We do not need the car’s registration certificate. You do not have to be at home when we pick up the car, we just have to make an agreement about where you put the key and of course we still make a digital scrap case on your car immediately.

If you know the registered owner of the car, you can still get the scrap premium, we will then make a “sales case” In this case, call us and provide the car’s registration number, and we will create a sales case. The environmental scheme for Cars then sends a message to the car’s registered owner via E-box, in which the registered owner is asked to approve scrapping.

When scrapping is approved, we can pick up / receive the car and we pay the scrap premium to you, we charge DKK 200 for the work associated with this.

If you do not know who is the last registered owner, or if the latter does not want to approve the scrapping, we offer to pick up the car for free, as long as it is complete and has not stood still for too long. You can read more about the state’s car scrap scheme

Should the car be scrapped? If you choose to return your car to us, we can recycle up to 85% of it, thus preventing your old car from damaging the environment. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to make money by scrapping the car, as you can usually get a tax-free scrap premium when scrapping a car Skrotpriser. We ensure that your car is scrapped in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible, and we make sure to recycle as much of the car as possible. In conclusion, choosing the best scrap car company is essential to getting the best value for your scrap car. By following the tips provided in this article, you can be sure to find a reputable and reliable company that will offer you the best price for your car.

It’s not easy to sell your automobile, especially if it’s a junker. Most of the time, you’ll have to compare dozens of options and their prices. You can save time and effort by using USSalvageYards to do these numerous comparisons. We will offer you the most competitive price.

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